Watch: Man Trolls Kanye About Kim’s Multiple Marriages

Photo Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Photo Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West made headlines the other day for defending Kim Kardashian against her longtime gold digging reputation, but now he’s in the news again because a man posing as a fan decided to troll him about Kim’s multiple marriages while asking for an autograph.

TMZ writes:

Kanye and Kim were making their way to their limo when the autograph hound extended his arm, photo in hand. Turns out it was from wedding #2, when Kim married Kris Humphries.

You would think Kanye would have blanched, but this is the new, improved, hyper-social Kanye West!


  1. Kanye kept it cute because he can’t attack anyone else without going to jail. People will forever clown him for marrying Kim. He may see her as a prize but everyone else can see he downgraded his life just to say he has a white girl.

    1. If Kim was attracted to Kanye and wanted Kanye they would have been dating from a while back! Kim got with Kanye because he was the only rich guy paying her attention on a serious level after her public humiliation from her ex marriage. Most guys were willing to hit it and move on. And if Donda was alive, Kanye wouldn’t have married in that family. Donda was the only woman Kanye will ever respect. Just watch this marriage plays out. Their body language says it all!

  2. Messy as hell. I know Kanye wanted to go off but he did the right thing by just keeping that fake smile on his face.

  3. LOL!!!!! That’s a damn shame. And to be honest, this marriage probably won’t be her last either. Kim marries to extend her 15 minutes. When the public stops caring about this marriage, she will move on to the next.

  4. He was probably better off with Amber. The fashion industry preferred her and people didn’t laugh as much when he was with Amber. People saw Amber as being bad and the ultimate trophy.When we see Kim we can’t help but see all the black men she’s f-cked to stay relevant over the years. She has more money than Amber but to me Kim is a downgrade. Kanye went from being A list to the biggest joke there ever was when he got with Kim.

    1. People liked him with Amber more because Kanye was always himself with her. He never tried to shove her down our throat , you know why? Because Amber was always herself. Kanye was genuinely happy with her if you look at the pics with them together. Kanye wants a Beyonce and Jay Z type of thing. Then only mistake he made was get with someone who the public sees as talentless with no substance. Who wants a wife that only poses on magazines naked to get attention. No man wants that. Kanye is in lust and for as long as him and Kim are making a buck…that’s all he cares about! Kanye is materialistic but doesn’t want you or me to think that way of him…

    2. Yeah Amber was the bomb back then. And he did seem happier back then too. But Kim is the white woman he’s always wanted so he’s going to pretend all that chasing he did was worth it.

  5. He had to get tough skin and start being unfazed by this kind of stuff. If not, he’d have to avoid Google all together because right now we can see nude pictures of her and video of her f-cking Ray J.

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