Chris Brown Delays Tour with Trey Songz

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown is no stranger to legal problems, and his probation was revoked recently due to him being at a nightclub recently when random shootings popped off. Although he was performing at the time and was not directly involved in the chaos, he’s still feeling the sting from the issue.

The singer took to his Instagram account hours ago to tell his fans that he will have to delay his tour with Trey Songz because he still has more hours of community service left to do and he can’t travel until the hours are finished:

chris brown instagram

chris brown instagram 2

chris brown instagram 3


  1. Chris Brown is truly pathetic. Fans are upset with him which they have every right to be and he has the audacity to be arrogant towards fans that supported him. Fans want an explanation why he didn’t finish his community service and he is getting an attitude with them. I feel like such a fool thinking this idiot will ever change.

  2. Folks can claim he’s “changed” all they want to, but someone out to reform themselves would’ve made completing their community hours, and making sure all their ducks were in a row, a priority. Chris doesn’t, nor will he ever care, that’s why he’ll never be as big as he once was.

  3. Chris’ fans need to stop supporting his bad behavior. He had plenty of time to do those hours. He slacked off because he wanted to.

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