August Alsina Dating Actress?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keke Palmer and August Alsina dating? R&B heartthrob August Alsina has said multiple times in his interviews that he’s weary about getting in a serious romantic relationship because his career is a priority and it’s really taking off, but he may be changing his mind for a pretty young actress.

Keke Palmer broke some hearts when she posted the following photo to her Instagram account and got some folks talking:

keke palmer august instagram

Oh and this tweet too:

keke twitter

We’re not sure if these two are just friends or if they are indeed a couple, but Keke did confirm he came over the other night and cooked her dinner.

Not a peep yet from August.


    1. I have to agree. She’s does this before with other guys in the business and nothing came from it. It’s always best to take your time and get to know how people really feel about you before you start semi claiming them on Instagram.

  1. I don’t think they are in a serious relationship yet. Keke is just sprung off that d-ck. I ain’t even mad tho.

  2. First the Mike Brown stuff and now she’s possibly smashing my husband. I don’t want to have to cut you Keke.

  3. I want these females to stop claiming these men on social media. If he ain’t said sh-t, keep your mouth closed. Otherwise you look stupid when they don’t reciprocate.

      1. OT: Doesn’t UB have anything to post about RHOA last episode? I seriously want to jump all over Kenya for sticking that lump of clay out the window of that damn car, and clown Clawdia’s thirsty a-s for making a play for Hammerhead!

        1. You know UB will get something on RHOA up soon. They can’t help it. Lol. But I want them to post about Celebrity Apprentice. Did you see Kenya call Trump and his annoying kids the first family? Girl she got dragged so bad on Twitter lol!!!!!

          1. Girl I hollered. Between her a-s-kissing, and swearing to Trump that all her funky parts are real, I’d say Kenya’s been having a bad week. When Vivica clowned her about her fake breasts, lumpy, store-bought a-s, and wearing 7 packs of lashes, I was on the floor.

  4. And she’s not some exotical chick? Yes August is definitely my fave. Look at him cooking dinner for the brown beauties of the world.

  5. Keke is a beautiful girl but she’s going to have to chill and let a man prove himself first. I just think it may be too soon to brag about August. I mean are they even really a couple yet?

    1. I hope they going together cause they will make a cute couple and have the most adorable kids or baby ever.But if they are friends they can become more than friends if they choose to.
      Go team
      Kugust or Akeke

  6. These young girls get impressed too easily. A lot of men can cook. Don’t drop your panties because he can fix you dinner. He should be courting you. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

  7. This means nothing. August has a lot of women he entertains and “cooks” for. And I saw that chicken he made. He didn’t do nothing but throw a bag of chicken wings in the oven and dump that nasty a-s bbq sauce all over it. Easy but I bet Keke rode it all night though (I would lol). I give this a month before she moves on to some rapper. She loves rappers.

  8. And I checked some of August’s fan pages on IG. Him and Keke went bowling last night with his friends but he’s supposedly telling people she’s just his friend. So she is once again #FriendZoned.

  9. Yes August is cute but he’s a downgrade period. Keke is beautiful (not with that haircut though) and has connections to the best of men because she’s famous with no sex tape, and this is the best she can do? Girl goodbye. And from what I heard, August literally cooks for every girl he bangs. You ain’t special boo.

  10. I Loveee me some August! Lol if they’re just dating it’s cute! Both are young focused on career!. I think keke is Beautiful too, but I Hate her haircut it does nothing for her. She needs her weave pronto. Other than that it’s cute.

  11. People say such crazy things about these celebrities, it’s not funny but downright mean spirited. Is it a fact that August cook for all his dates? Is it a pattern? And what if he does? What is it to others if Keke cuts her hair and not wear a weave? Why don’t people give her a chance to grow up and find herself. They both are young, famous and having fun. I really hope they’ll get together. They’ll make a great looking couple and she’ll help him grow. Based on his interviews, he’ll choose intelligently when he falls in love. In spite of what’s being said, Keke is a win, win for him. Please August groupies stop your jealousy. Keke is in a much better place than all you haters, she has every opportunity to be in the company of all the famous guys she IG with. Get your life and stay in your lane!!

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