Kenya Moore Gets Slammed for ‘First Family’ Comments

Photo Credit: NBC
Photo Credit: NBC

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

RHOA star Kenya Moore is currently starring in the current season of “Celebrity Apprentice,” and it’s been a controversial moment for her since she’s feuding with fellow contestants Vivica Fox and Brandi Glanville.

But the most recent episode didn’t show the reality star in the best light because when she got in the boardroom and attempted to stroke Donald Trump’s ego to avoid being fired for a failed group project, she ended up dissing the First Family in the process.

The Daily Mail writes:

But Kenya pulled out all the stops to win over the Trumps, insisting she wanted to ‘learn from them’ and saying: “I admire you – you guys really are the first family of America.”

This of course led to people coming for Kenya on Twitter, but she tried to clear up things and told her critics it was merely a mistake (read tweets from top to bottom):

kenya moore twitter

kenya moore twitter 2

kenya moore twitter 3


  1. This is the same woman who said on TV that she wanted to have a baby with a white man and she wanted the child to have green eyes. Why are people surprised?

    1. And the same chick who calls black women animals and ghetto beasts. I mean if she can beef with Lupita (who does nothing to anyone and minds her business like the classy black woman she is), I wouldn’t put coming for Michelle Obama past her.

  2. I saw this and cringed. Don’t get me wrong I like Kenya, but she looked bad the other night. And her issue with Vivica is not a good look for her either.

  3. I used to feel indifferent about this chick since I don’t watch RHOA, but I just flat out don’t like her now. Broad was happy to say at least she’s on a (D) list… Bird brain.

  4. How many bridges did this stupid heifer burn just from that a-s-kissing alone? And it only gets worse next week when she’s exposed as a vindictive thief and fired. Say what you will about Nene but she walked away before damaging her brand with Star Jones. Nene’s smart, but for all of Kenya’s book knowledge she’s incredibly stupid.

    1. If Nene had made a “mistake” like that you and the rest of that Team Nuts would’ve been on her insulting the hell out of her. Y’all can never admit when Kenya is wrong.

    2. It wasn’t an accident. It was intentional, and if she could’ve gotten away with it she would’ve been fine with what she said.

  5. Is this the same woman who bashes any and everybody for making mistakes?? Now she wants her mistakes to be accepted? FOHWTBS. Kenya is an a$$ kisser who will do anything for a storyline and a check. Chick got no dignity or pride.smh

  6. Kenya is a desperate has been who does stupid sh-t to detract from the fact that she is no longer the young beauty she once was. She needs to grow up and act like a mature woman. She’s obnoxious and self involved…low rent, unsophisticated and not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  7. Kenya Moore is naive. No one else in America would say something so ridiculous. She said what she she needed to say to get what she wanted which was money, and sold-out the Obama family to get it. What an insult to the accomplishments of African Americans in the United States.

    She ignored the history of African slavery; the emancipation proclamation; the Civil Rights Movement, and the honor of the first African-American family: The Obama family. She is a disgrace to the African-American population.

  8. Kenja Moore was the most embarrassing African American to ever appear on the apprentice. Donald Trump has been one of the most disrespectful people with his ridiculous comments about the president of the US and the real first family. Then you allowed youself to be pertrayed as a stereotypical a-s kissing thief. Then your first family fired your ignorance behind. Your appearance did nothing for your image.

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