Porsha Williams Thinks She Will Get Her Peach Back

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams was disappointed she lost her peach out to newbie Claudia Jordan, but now Porsha seems to think she will be getting it back for the upcoming season.

When asked if she thinks she will get her peach back, Porsha tells Radar Online:

“It would surprise me if it wasn’t offered just because of the response that I get through all of my social media. I see a lot of people who are very vocal about [the fact that] they want to see more of myself, more of my story, where’s my life now, what I am doing with my businesses. They’re very interested and I think that’s a great thing.

“I signed up for reality television three years ago, so why not follow it through? I’ve been going back and forth in my mind with that.

“My supporters are amazing and they have really been warriors for getting me back on the show and wanting me to get a peach again.”


    1. Why do you think that? I think she brings a lot to the show. She’s funny and I love her personality. I’m actually tired of all the negativity. At least Porsha is funny.

      1. Why do I still need to be mad about that when Kenya got what she wanted? Porsha was demoted. Kenya played chess while these girls are playing Uno.

  1. I don’t think they are going to give her a peach again. The producers are delusional and they really want to believe Claudia is a star but I think she’s just more trash they shouldn’t have added. It’s like the plan now is to hire everyone they can think of who can do what Kenya could not – take down Nene. It’s crazy how much the show now revolves around Nene. If they wanted to get rid of her, this wasn’t the best way to do it. Now it’s looking like Nene is the star again, and that is what the producers wanted to change.

  2. I prefer Porsha over Claudia. I think most people do because last season was the most watched. Now RHOA is lucky if it can get 3.4 million views when last season over 4 million was the standard.

  3. They should have left the cast as is after last season. It was perfect. Claudia and Demetria just don’t do it for me.

  4. I want her to get it back. Heck we talk more about Porsha then Claudia and Demetria. And honestly Claudia only gets press because of Nene.

  5. I think the producers have made their loyalty to Kenya known. Porsha would have ben fired it it wasn’t for all the backlash. They don’t plan on giving her a peach ever again.

  6. If I was Porsha I wouldn’t even want to come back. RHOA is wrong for still using Porsha as a very major storyline but demoted her and took her peach away basically she still good enough to use and make money off of. They ain’t slick the day she pulled Kenya’s hair they were going to fire her but it was so much backlash they went about it in a very slick and calculated way by demoting her waiting until the season started for everyone to catch on.

  7. I wish she’d get it back too! Bringing boring Clawfoot, and Dementia on the show, only made me miss Porsha more.

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