Post Super Bowl Beef: New England Running Backs Come for Marshawn Lynch

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

One would think the New England Patriots would be a little bit humble about their latest win since “Deflate Gate” is far from over, but the champions apparently weren’t able to avoid being messy at their own victory parade.

Jocks and Stiletto Jill writes:

New England’s RBs Brandon Bolden and LeGarrette Blount took a shot at Seahawks’ RB Marshawn Lynch during the Patriots’ Championship parade. Bolden and Blount were spotted waving a t-shirt that read “B**** Mode.” A blatant knock on Lynch, who’s known around the league and by fans as “Beast Mode.” The shirt also featured Lynch’s jersey number on the front.

wack patriots come for marshawn lynch copy




Blount has since “apologized” to Lynch on Twitter. Beast Mode hasn’t responded and probably won’t since he easily doubled the rushing yards of both Blount and Bolden (and the entire Patriots team) during the Super Bowl.


In related news, the NFL has decided not to fine Marshawn for his rather interesting pre-Super Bowl press conferences. Although Lynch didn’t give much to the reporters besides one liners like “I’m just here so I won’t get fined,” the NFL agrees that he did meet his contractual obligations.


  1. F-ck the CHEATRIOTS. They are the most corrupt organization in the NFL. The Patriots really are the symbol of white privilege, corruption and capitalism. Just pure evil and corruption. And look at their black players behaving like uncle toms when they should be respecting the BLACK TEAM with a BLACK QUARTERBACK. C–ns.

    1. *Yawn* Another day another hater, speaking from what they read on the web and not actually knowing what the F they are talking about. “Cheatriots”? The most corrupt in the NFL? Show some receipts please!! and deflate gate has been ruled out because the proof is in, someone lied. Officials weighed the balls and found the claims false. Find a seat while I continue to inform you. Did you find a comfortable chair yet? Don’t worry I’ll wait… then again no I won’t. you said ” And look at their black players behaving like uncle toms when they should be respecting the BLACK TEAM with a BLACK QUARTERBACK.” what in the whole entire hell does that have to do with football? The Pats QB is white so that discredits the hard work the players put in? White privilege has NOTHING to do with hard work on the field. End of the day that game was amazing, both teams taunted the other on and off the field. Two wrongs don’t make it right. Don’t speak on Uncle Toms when they all make (every player in the NFL) obscene amounts of $$ working for white owners. Lastly, I was at the Parade cheering the Pats on, and outside of the T shirts, no one gave a damn about the seahawks or referenced them. The media blows up everything.

      1. No, they were not cleared for deflate gate, you liar. The investigation is still ongoing. You’re just like your favorite team. Dishonest, arrogant, and unethical. And I guess we’re supposed to forget Spy Gate happened, and that was actually proven. How the f-ck do you stan for a team that stooped so low to win they actually video taped an opposing team’s practice to beat them? I’ll say it again for those in the back. Your team is corrupted, y’all have cheated and been caught on at least three occasions, and your QB is overrated. He will never be better than Montana and Eli Manning owns his a-s. There. Now, what are you going to do about the truth? F-ck your whole team and the white privilege y’all ride on. Get y’all cheating a-sses on.

        1. Dishonest? The Colts got their butts kicked more than once by the Pats and now they are screaming foul? The VP of officiating said that the balls were measured prior to the game “and if they were under the low threshold of 12.5, they were simply pumped up with some air.” Also I never said they were cleared,yet, but let me clarify that the NFL has not found any evidence that the balls were tampered with. Spy Gate did happen and how many other teams also video tape their opponents and just haven’t been caught? The Broncos were also fined a few years back to doing the exact same thing. People love to hate the Patriots LOL it’s cool, we still won. *Back to work I go*

          1. LOL at you defending cheating. Typical, morals lacking Pats fan. Just remember, you can’t go out and cheat like your team does. You’re black and they will destroy you the second you even try it. That’s why I laugh at you black CHEATRIOTS fans. No, you can’t get ahead in life on white privilege and paying people under the table but you’re soooo proud your team can. Enjoy your tainted win. Not only did the Hawks beat themselves (yall would have lost if it wasn’t for that dumb call), but no one respects your team except well…the stans. You’ll always be known as cheaters. Enjoy.

  2. I can understand going hard at Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch on the other hand is a stand up guy. This only makes the Pats running backs look bad.

  3. Damn they get away with cheating yet again and they still act like dumb, self entitled, pompous f-cks. Damn I hate that team.

  4. Oh hell no I know these cheating a-s Patriots ain’t trying to clown. Y’all was 30 seconds away from losing if it wasn’t for Pete Carroll dumb a-s. I know LeGarrette Blount fat slow uncomfortable dirty looking a-s ain’t talking about Marshawn man please he ain’t even real competition to Beast Mode. I’m not even a Seattle fan but I damn sure was pulling more for them than BeliCHEAT and those cheating a-s Patriots. I’m mad all over again.

  5. Even though they beat them, you can tell there’s still some jealousy there. They’re still mad most people wanted Seattle to win. But they should understand it. Most people don’t root for cheaters.

  6. If you’re man/woman enough to do some f-cked up sh-t in public, then own it. All the crap about apologizing when your a-s knew good and well the other person was going to see it, only makes you look like a weak-a-s p-ssy afterwards. F-ck that apology!

  7. But I thought the Seahawks were the immature, thuggish, loudmouth team??? (Sarcasm) they better leave Lynch alone. Can’t wait for Sherman to put him in his place!

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