Discussion: Is Chris Brown & Tyga’s New Video Disrespectful Towards Black Women?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown and Tyga have teamed up once again with “Ayo,” and while the lyrics had mixed reviews since day one, now some people are furious about the music video.

Since dropping the video, many have taken to social media to slam both artists because they feel the video is disrespectful towards black women.

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So why are some feeling the video is shady? Well for starters, the only black woman in the video is reduced to giving comedian Mike Epps “head” in a car and he later snatches off her wig. Meanwhile Chris and Tyga continue to pose and dance around a group of non black women with long hair as they sing about preferring women with real hair.

Take a look at video and tell us where you stand.


  1. Wait! Is that a trick question? Cuz from where I sit, neither Chris or Tyga have ever done anything respectful for the black women that make up a majority of their fan base. Throwing it in their faces that they prefer the Karrueches, and Kylie Jenners of this world is just one more indication of their true feelingsdisdain for black women. I told y’all from day 1 that Chris wasn’t sh-t, and I will NEVER support that negro in life again! Tyga is just a tiny footnote in history, I could care less about that pedophile!

    1. We definitely tried to tell them but they were too busy blaming Rihanna for this hoodlum’s downfall. Now they see.

  2. Chile Chris has crapped on black women plenty and some of them will still ride for him. So it is what it is. All I know is he won’t be getting anymore of my coins.

  3. But is anyone still really supporting Chris and Tyga though? Chris’ last album flopped hard. And Tyga is only relevant when he’s poking underaged Kylie Jenner.

  4. I think Chris hates all women to be honest. And it all starts with his issues with his own mother. Why he still has female fans, I’ll never understand.

  5. Chris Brown is trash PERIOD. He seems to have a hatred for black women. It baffles me that he still has fan’s, most of which are women and they constantly make excuses for his sh-tty behavior. I was done with Chris Brown after he beat Rihanna, called Robin Roberts a black b-tch and broke out the window at GMA studio. I would never spend my coins on that disrespectful idiot.

  6. Chris and Tyga are so dumb. Black women aren’t the only women who wear weaves. And contrary to belief, we can grow long hair. Idiots. Both of them.

  7. This is just so blatant. Why are we always be attacked by our own men? I didn’t see any Kim Kardashians, Karrueches or Kylies out there protesting when Mike Brown was murdered! It was just us! We always stand by our men and look how they do us. Trash!!!!

  8. The song sucks and the video is very disrespectful but Chris does this because he knows he can. After he beat up Rihanna, his fans were defending him and blaming her. They have issues.

    1. His fans will never hold him accountable for anything. Those fools are still holding their breath waiting on that tour to start. Lol

  9. This era of R&B music is terrible. I can’t distinguish if these “singers” are supposed to be singing or rapping. For Chris to claim he wants to be in the same sentence as Michael Jackson and James Brown, his music continues to decline.

    Now, looking at the video, I can see why black women are offended. Chris and Tyga are basically agreeing with the distorted images the media continues to push about black women. Why are they singing about real hair, when the natural hair movement is taking off in our community? This is just ignorant.

    I hope his black female fans wake up.

  10. Chris’ mother and father failed him. I have nothing to say about Tyga because I don’t expect much from any grown man who dates a 17 year old.

  11. But Tyga… While you are degrading black women your underage girlfriend is busy injecting her lips trying to have them fuller like a black woman’s. Your so called girlfriend’s sisters are busy transferring fat to their a*sses to they can have a black woman’s butt! The Irony!

  12. I’m not mad because I know none of his fans will hold him responsible? So he will continue to call them bald headed b-tches and hoes. He’s always been abusive to his fans and will continue to be.

  13. You know what, why blame the artist…It is the women who show up for these jobs. They pay the little money. They get their 1 minute of video vixen fame and they are fine with it so why is everyone mad. There are all type of women in the world and not one of them are there to represent you as a woman. As a woman, you make your own decision of how you want to be represented or portrayed. Hell there are songs that call women B***hes and women are shaking their azz like the record speaks to them. Why do these artist need to change their behavior when the women accepts the behavior. Don’t shoot the messenger…Choices!

      1. No, I’m not missing the point at all. What I am saying is that what Chris or Tyga does does not represent women anyway. The women who stoop to the low levels make a choice. You can’t get bent out of shape because of someone else’s choices. Chris and Tyga and any other person who chooses to make music as such is going to continue to sell whether you buy or not. But all it takes is a group of women to buy into it and you got the sales and the hits. Just like the ones who wear their pants under their butt. If women did not accept that, these men will start pulling their pants up. But because there are a LOT of women who accept this, this fad has grown and continues to be and look ridiculous. Again, it’s all about respect for themself and how they choose to be represented. Yes I am a black woman.

        1. Sis, what? Let’s not do this today. It’s perfectly ok for black women to start calling black men out for this nonsense. You’re saying it’s our fault for accepting it, but now that we are starting to speak out, you’re trying to silence us. You’re not making any sense. And no, Chris and Tyga are not selling. Chris’ last album flopped, and Tyga’s album went wood as well. No one is buying their music like that. Rap in general is suffering in sales, and I think it’s because people are getting tired of the sexist imagery/lyrics.

          1. Seriously, I get where you are going with this and I get what you are saying with this. It still does not dismiss the demise of what society has socially accepted. Chris, Tyga or any other artist will not bring lyrics like this if women did not pop up on the videos just to be seen or will they jump up stamping the music when it is played in the club. As far as album sales, Chris like any artist can and will have bad sales at one point or another but they still have a huge fan base waiting for the next single. They are going to download and buy or whatever, the issue is not with a past album that flopped, it is with the acceptance of bad behavior of these men that women allow. Don’t show up for the video. Don’t agree to do the falacio part in a car. Like Nelly said when he made the video swiping the credit card in the video vixen’s azz, if she didn’t have a problem with it, then why should you? It is her or their reputation on the line. What a person does can not and does not represent for anyone unless they were the appointed person by a person or a group of people to be the representative. Until then you and me and anyone else represent ourselves in the best possible respectable way that we want to be seen and respected. I get it. I totally get it. I am just saying don’t be angry at the men who are doing this. They won’t continue to do it once we as women decide to walk away from the BS in the beginning. Women carry the torch and we wear the power but it does nothing if we choose not to use the power. So yes seriously, I get it. I get and respect what you are saying. I’m just asking that you look at the glass as 1/2 empty as opposed to looking at it from a blame perspective. The way I see it, both women in the video and the artist play a part in this stupid demise. Believe me there are other teams to play on other than the sell my soul ones. Choices!

          2. @ Seriously Girl just let her have it. Some people aren’t worth debating. I agree with what you’re saying though. It’s nothing wrong with using your voice to spark a change. If we didn’t, there would still be segregation. I will never let anyone shame me into silence and complacency. We coddle black men way too much and now we’re being blamed for their own actions. Only black people. Smh.

        1. @Anonymous, it’s you again…still bitter. Hey a blog is a place to allow opinions and debate respectfully. Being bitter towards men “black men” isn’t going to change the issue of what women allow from “black men” or any color man for that matter. Again, Choices! Truth Hurts! If you feel I missed the point, that is okay; your feelings and still…Truth Hurts!

          1. I don’t even know you though and have never had a conversation with you before. Get over yourself and stop being rude. You don’t know anything about me to be calling me bitter or a black man hater. I’m married to a black man. You need to grow up and stop trying to put people down for disagreeing with you. No one came at you like that on here. I’m done addressing you. I can’t have conversations with rude people.

          2. You came at me first. Baby I’m grown, really grown. Happy that you are married to a black man and so am I. You were rude first.

            “@ Seriously Girl just let her have it. Some people aren’t worth debating.”

          3. Bitter? See I actually took up for you on the Ludacris post Crystal when that nut tried to come for you. And now you’re on here showing your true colors. Every woman that doesn’t agree with you isn’t bitter, nor do we hate black men. And someone saying debating with you isn’t worth it isn’t “coming at you.” Now let someone call you out your name and you’ll be in your feelings like the last time. But you don’t mind doing the name calling on this post, huh? Anonymous didn’t deserve that. I will never defend you again.

          4. I appreciate you…trust, but she did come for me. I’m not “worth” debating. As if my opinion is not worth to be heard. I took offense because I feel that all are entitled to an opinion. I think she could have left that part out. That was rude. I didn’t call her out of her name. I just thinks that she sounds bitter, that’s all just like she feels as though I am taking up for the men and I’m not. I am just stating my opinion, whether you agree or not; I respect your opinion. If you read through my comments you will see that I am just calling it the way I see it. Believe me I have lived long enough and raised men myself so I will never agree with bad behavior. I think that because I pointed out a part that these women play, some are coming at me. I am respectfully debating and that is it. I have not gotten on here telling anyone to disregard anyones opinion like she has done me in a shaded sort of a way.

          5. Ma’am if you’re really grown and raised men, I think you out of all people should understand how problematic it is to take things that far when you feel like someone “came for you.” That was childish and you should have been better than that. The whole reason I defended you in the first place was because you initially seemed like someone who refused to stoop down to the level of others. You definitely stooped down today. I have a feeling you have been itching to call someone on here bitter, all along and you surely did when you saw an opening. Too often black women are called bitter and angry for expressing ourselves and fighting for causes. You as a woman should have known that wasn’t the best way to handle the situation. I can’t get down with women like that. But I’m out. You’re going to still think what you did was right and you’re still on here calling someone you don’t even know bitter over something incredibly childish. I can’t dedicate energy to this pettiness. Y’all be blessed.

          6. Just for the record, bitter is an emotion not a name. Also, I’m not childish. If someone get’s out of line with me and calls me out, I will never allow anyone to say whatever to me and I don’t defend myself no more than anyone else will. I don’t care if a person agrees with me or not. That is their choice. I didn’t get mad. And yes, I’ve raised men but that doesn’t mean I’m going to look at the ground when I’m being dissed or spoken to in a distasteful way. I’m human too and like anyone else regardless of age, “you can’t slap me and expect me to turn my cheek” so you can slap the other side too. Again, I appreciate your comments and respect them as well. I have always respected a person’s debate or opinion. Oh and by the way, It doesn’t matter what color you are, if you have something you disagree with stand up and be heard…black or white. Just make sure you look at the whole spectrum of all the players. Change don’t happen if you are only willing to change one part of it and turn a blind eye to the other bad part.

  14. This is why Chris will never reach Michael Jackson status. He has talent but he’s investing it in the wrong places and sending the wrong messages with his lyrics. This video does what many others have done for years…which is why I stopped watching music videos a long time ago. I don’t feel offended because it doesn’t represent me…and I don’t support them. However, we (and I mean that collectively) need to do better.

  15. I’m glad to see most of y’all are waking up. Continue to speak with your wallets and don’t spend a dime on these fools.

    1. Agreed. Don’t accept trash and people will be forced to stop offering trash to you. There are to many artist that have something to offer; it is not necessary to support garbage.
      We, black women, have to accept that many of us have played a role in accepting our constant disrespect by fools like chris, trey, wayne etc. We buy the music, frequent their shows, dance in their videos & we hoop and holler while they refuse to use us as a love interest, belittle and look over us.

      1. Egypt, this is all I was trying to say. I’m not for the men. I’m simply saying what you are saying. If you don’t show up for the video or buy the music or don’t turn the station; there is no support. We as women, black women have to understand that we carry the torch, wear the power but if we do not use the power then the torch is just a burning stick.

        1. Girl, shut the f-ck up. You got your dingy a-s on here calling women bitter and have the nerve to act like you’re apart of the sisterhood. F-ck out of here you fraud. Take your dusty a-s on. And you can call me any name in the book, but I own the fact that I’m rude as f-ck and don’t ever try to hide or excuse that sh-t like your weak a-s. Now you were hard with the Anonymous and Seriously, but go ahead and try it with me got damn it.

          1. Ms. Jackson, you are the dingy one. I don’t belong to a sisterhood and not trying to either. You can take all of what you said and twist it towards yourself. They have rehab for people like you. You should join. Far from weak and what you come on here thinking that you scare someone. I am #unbothered by you and your short vocabulary.

          2. Is that the best you got, you pathetic c-m rag? Attacking my vocabulary when your dumb a-s is on here displaying your ignorance for free? You can’t even express your thoughts because you’re dumb as sh-t. You have to be the most annoying person on this f-cking blog. You can’t wait to hop on here and point the finger at black women while caping for bum a-s black men like you’re so f-cking special. You’re not special, bird. You’re the status quo. The typical black woman who hates other black women because you think you’re above most of us. You won’t even let us come together in peace and hold men accountable because your stank a-s thinks you always need to educate someone when you’re the most clueless. F-ck you and everything you stand for.

  16. I didn’t even know he had a song out…TRASH. F-ck him, f-ck his fans, and the dumb b-tches trying to defend this sh-t. Some black women stay trying to blame black women for the dumb sh-t these self hating fools do. A man is always responsible of this own actions. If you have a father in your life, you’d know that already.

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