Gabrielle Union & D Wade Not Legally Married? + Gabby Talks Amber Rose Instagram Drama

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Newlyweds Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade had a beautiful wedding ceremony last August that Gabby describes as a fairytale, but now sources are claiming the happy couple may not even be legally married.

Florida site Gossip Extra claims a court clerk is claiming they can’t locate a signed marriage license for Gabby and D Wade.

The site reports:

Healthy hamstrings aren’t the only things missing for Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade these days.

His license to marry actress Gabrielle Union has yet to find its way into state records nearly six months after their Cinderella wedding!

And that, says Miami-Dade County marriage license manager Roberto Reboso, could be a problem for the lovebirds if they ever want to prove they’re indeed hitched!

“We know they’re married from what they said on TV,” Reboso said. “And they obtained a marriage license before the ceremony.

“But they still haven’t returned the licensed signed by the person who officiated the ceremony,” Reboso said. “So their marriage has not been recorded by the state.”


No word yet from Gabby or D Wade as of yet regarding their marriage license, but we’ll keep you posted.

In related news, Gabrielle Union couldn’t understand the big deal about her hubby following Amber Rose on Instagram after her steamy swim suit Instagram hoopla. As we reported, folks went crazy on social media after the Miami Heat star followed Amber, so he promptly unfollowed.

On the drama, Gabby tells Angie Martinez on Power 105.1:

“Who do you think told him about Amber Rose? I just Insta stalk her only because of the backlash you get. Anytime I like one of Blac Chyna’s photos, I get attacked…because they feel like I shouldn’t like a woman like Blac Chyna. Black Chyna is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. God bless her.

“I just didn’t want to deal with the backlash.

“I was more offended that they didn’t want to look into the men that I follow.”


Gabby then says she wants to follow Amber Rose but never hit the button because she was afraid of the possible backlash she would receive.

Check out the video below. Amber Rose comes up at the 8 minute mark:

Spotted at Fameolous


  1. People only made a big deal about him following Amber because he’s the same man who went out here and impregnated another woman while he was with Gabby. But she loves their perfect image so much that she forced him to lie and say that child was conceived on a break. If that was true, she wouldn’t be out here talking like that child doesn’t even exist.

    1. Thank you. And I don’t think he unfollowed because of no damn backlash. Whenever he unfollows people and unlikes stuff it’s because he knows Gabby is going to cut up. She is not as cool as she wants us to believe and he knows it.

    1. She’s always been flawless. Just incredibly naive and weak minded in her dealing with men. But so are a lot of women. I still like her though.

  2. She must really think people are stupid all this double talk she did was to try to cover up that her known cheating maybe husband was caught red handed lusting after Amber Rose pic. So now she comes up with a million excuses to defend him don’t nobody care if she follows or likes Blac Chyna or Amber Rose girl bye with that weak excuse. Every time I think she can’t sound more stupid she proves me wrong.

    1. Image is everything to them. D Wade wants you to believe he’s husband and father of the year, and Gabby needs you to think she’s this beautiful and confident chick who has nothing but trust in her man.

  3. They’re not legally married? did she marry him with some kind of deal that he had to act right for six months before she would sign the license?

  4. They only married for image reasons. Their whole life is one big PR stunt. I wouldn’t be surprised if they never turned a license in.

  5. If they haven’t turned that license in and they married in August, they obviously didn’t want to. Sounds like they are on some kind of trial period. I’m sure the break baby is the cause.

  6. She’s really mastered the art of damage control. And why have they not turned in that license? They got married in August. That’s plenty of time to mail it in. Something is up.

  7. I agree with those of you who say she is always in character. I want to like her, the real her and not her “Being Mary Jane” character. She tries so hard to be someone else, it’s tiring. It’s ok to be upset because your dude cheated on you. It’s ok to not want to be the pretty trophy wife. Be yourself.

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