Steve Harvey Doesn’t Care About Slavery

Photo Credit: Angela George
Photo Credit: Angela George

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Steve Harvey has found success as a talk show host and radio personality, but sometimes he finds himself the target of controversy for voicing some of his interesting opinions.

Steve has been getting slammed online for the last couple of days because he told his talk show audience that he doesn’t care about slavery.

Apparently all of this came up when a white woman asked for his advice on how to handle it when someone brings up historical issues she isn’t comfortable with discussing. Of course she wasn’t bold enough to say slavery.

She was quite pleased when Steve told her it was totally okay for her to tell folks she doesn’t care about slavery though.

Steve says:

“When I’m sitting around socialites and they start talking about the past, that’s my line. I just say it and walk off. I have a drink in my hand, I just say it and walk off. ‘I don’t really care for slavery,’ and walk off. I don’t give a damn if they talking about Christopher Columbus. I don’t give a damn if they talking about a treaty…an amendment…a bill. I don’t care what the subject is.

“When you get through saying it and I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, my favorite line is, ‘I don’t give a damn about slavery!'”

Check out the video below:


    1. Thank you. He’s like this all day, everyday. He’s been on his Uncle Tom ish for years now. I’m sure he thought this was funny but it really wasn’t.

  1. If people actually saw the show what was said was “I don’t care for Slavery” he didn’t say he didn’t care about it. People jumping without actually listening to what was said.

    1. Actually, YOU didn’t listen. At the end of the video he clearly says “I don’t give a damn about slavery.” You can make excuses for him if you want. The man makes a relationship book making fools out of black women and now y’all worship him like fools. I bet you’d be one of those silly women in the audience giggling and clapping as he told you he doesn’t give a damn about slavery.

      1. Some of these black women treat Steve like he’s God. He said what he said. Stop making excuses and accept that sh-t. That man is on his third wife. He ain’t and never will be sh-t.

      2. I’m trying to understand why so many of us were so dumb and couldn’t see through him when he dropped that book. Why are you taking relationship advice from a man who’s been married three times and stabbed Bernie Mac in the back before he died? Steve is a snake.

  2. Aww man! I actually really like Steve, but I can’t imagine a context where this even makes any damn sense. *adds Steve to growing list of disappointing black men who should stfu*

  3. This is a prime example why I don’t mess with Steve Harvey. People don’t realize Steve has said and done some very shady stuff so I ain’t surprised he would say this.

  4. As a black man, he should know better. But Steve is only loyal to money. And that’s because that is the only way he can keep his current wife.

    1. Hello Somebody! That lady is all about the money! Saw her instagram one time and all she does is showcase her wordly possessions Steve purchases.

  5. Funny how he started off saying “I don’t care for slavery” and then he ended by saying “I don’t give a damn about slavery.” I think his true feelings came out at the end. But it’s cool. He’s the same one who told young black men they are stupid for thinking they can get jobs with dreads. He’s known for c–ning.

  6. This is just…weird. I don’t know understand why he even brought up slavery when the woman never did. Was he just itching to say this and appeal to whites? I won’t write him off yet but he sounds really ignorant. And the people who clapped are a mess as well. We shouldn’t be saying these things in front of white people.

    1. He brought it up because he’s a f-king c–n. He’s the same one that said black women were wrong for protesting the military for not allowing natural hair. What else does this dumb a-s hillbilly, horse mouth fool need to say before these women get it? He’s been ignorant.

  7. I’ve never cared for this man at all. I find him hypocritical giving relationship advices while is on to his third wife.

  8. Well this is the game black celebs how to play. Steve wouldn’t have his own radio show, talk show and the Family Feud if he wasn’t playing the sellout card. Hollywood is a messed up place.

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