Trey Songz Slams the Grammys

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Everyone is still talking about last night’s Grammys awards, especially since Kanye West returned to the festivities after a six-year hiatus.

But while everyone is still buzzing about the drama surrounding the album of the year, others are talking about the blatant disrespect the Grammys committee keeps showing many black artists.

Trey Songz actually took to his Twitter account last night to slam the awards show. He tweets (read from top to bottom):

trey songz twitter


  1. I wish black people would stop caring about the damn Grammys. They don’t care about black artists. When will y’all get that?

  2. I hate that he Grammys does this to people. Especially since they mostly ignore most of our artists. We have to stop treating the Grammys like it’s some kind of indicator of true talent and good music. All they do is hand out awards to overrated white artists. And we still watch it every year in droves like fools.

  3. The lack of any hip hop performances on last night’s show, save Kanye, was absolutely unacceptable. To have an awards show reaching the four corners of the world, and not have the music that has permeated indry single culture, represented on the broadcast is a travesty.

    The only good thing that came out of the mess, was that at least Iggy went back to the outback with her tail between her legs. But not before picking a fight with Pap Johns. Girlfriend is having a bad week, and it’s only Monday!

    1. Not gonna happen. They’re afraid of being backlisted. Especially the A list ones like Rihanna and Beyonce.

  4. Charlamagne made a really good point on the radio this morning. These artists have to stop giving the Grammy’s so much relevance and clout if they feel this way. You can’t be mad that our artists aren’t nominated yet not show up for lower level award shows (i.e. BET awards). Granted, BET isn’t worth a nickel these days but the point is if you feel this way, stop going. Stop placing so much emphasis on it. I only watched for Beyonce and honestly could have even done without that performance once I saw it.

  5. I haven’t watch the grammys in years or any other awards show in years. I figured out a long time ago that a grammy does not equal success.

  6. it’s just not the black artists who need to boycott but black people in general. The Grammys will always turn their noses up to back music but as soon as a white person makes black music they give them all the accolades possible. Sam Smith is not all that. His voice is average and his music is boring.

  7. These artists kill me! But they will be front and centre dressed up posing on the red carpet. If you feel so disrespected why even attend? Complaining about winning a Grammy but not complaining about winning a BET trophy? Stop making them relevant.

  8. Well these black artists need to stop giving the Grammys so much shine. They need to put more energy into the BET Awards, Soul Train, etc.

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