RHOA Gossip: Is This the Real Reason Behind NeNe’s Cease & Desist Letters?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

A week ago NeNe Leakes shocked people when it was confirmed she had her attorney send Claudia Jordan and Kenya Moore cease and desist letters, and it was never revealed just why she sent the legal threats.

Interestingly enough, the latest gossip suggests the letters were sent because of something that happened between the ladies and a producer.

Reality Tea writes:

Recently NeNe bragged in an interview about outlasting a RHOA executive producer! A little tea I’ve heard steeped-deep is that a certain long-standing RHOA producer was pulled from the show this season after it emerged they were behind an incident in which NeNe was ambushed by a certain former queen and her sidekick and a serious incident occurred.

Rumor has it that is the true reason for the recently sent C&D letters. And rumor has it NeNe put up such a fuss when the incident occurred she threatened to quit the show, if a certain producer wasn’t dismissed. No word on what exactly the incident was or if will be shown, but it was one of the major reasons RHOA filmed a last-minute cast trip in November because they needed additional footage to smooth things over. NeNe was unable to attend because of her Broadway commitment, and also health reasons. Carlos King, a producer for the show, spoke-out basically confirming that Claudia’s willingness to start drama was a major boon to the season.


  1. Carlos King has been all over Kenya, Ckawfoot, and Cynthia’s IG pages. It’s no secret that he wants RHOA to be the next L&HHATL, so him doing whatever to take it there is no secret. But if this is true, it’s a new low for Kenya and co, and proves that victim role they constantly play is BS!!!

    1. Yeah he’s really been kissing their butts and acting like they are the second coming of Jesus. I’m starting not to like him.

  2. I think it’s been pretty clear since day one why Claudia and Kenya were hired. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s been happening in the last couple of seasons.

      1. Umm I’m not talking about Claudia. I’m talking about Kenya. No one has ever outsmarted Nene as much as Kenya has. Let’s not forget what happened last season with the charity ball. Kenya plays chess and Nene can’t keep up.

        1. Are you serious? Are we watching the same show, or are you making this up as you go along? Kenya has NEVER outsmarted Nene. And I don’t know how you normally place chess, but Kenya has been playing scrabble all season, sweetie. The only thing that charity ball showed is how low down and dirty Kenya plays. It also pointed out that she is broke as hell since she had to wait an entire year to gather the $20,000 to pay the charity.

  3. I heard Nene on V-103 recently and she was bragging about outlasting producers and she shaded them a bit. And Carlos hasn’t tweeted support for Nene in a long time. But he retweets everything in support of Kenya and Claudia.

    1. Yep. Carlos used to always tweet to support Nene’s projects but he said nothing when she was on Broadway. I guess they fell out a few months ago.

  4. Carlos should know, u never bite the hand that feeds u. Nene been bringing ratings before these desperate ducks joined. The ratings have been slipping and I know the producers read what the viewers are saying. He talk them up on IG in an attempt to grab followers, folks not budging though. Poor Kenya won’t even post to her own fb timeline. Just during last season reunion Carlos, u swept Porsha up after being the aggressor, now u on Kenyas madea booty. Us smart ones ain’t falling for y’all bs.

  5. Wow. The producers should know better. I think they are so desperate to keep ratings high that they will do anything now.

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