Chris Brown’s Tour Has Another Hiccup

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown had to postpone his tour with Trey Songz because he had more community service hours he had to complete in order to be cleared to travel, but now that he’s finished all the hours, it appears he’s had yet another hiccup.

According to reports, the R&B singer had to cancel the show in Minneapolis because of low attendance.

Billboard writes:

Chris Brown recently canceled his headlining show at Minneapolis’ Target Center arena due to unspecified “scheduling conflicts,” according to the Star Tribune.

The real reason, however, may have been poor ticket sales. The show, with an attendance cap of around 20,000, had only moved about 3,500 tickets, according to Billboard’s sources. This appeared to be the case with most dates on the tour.


    1. watch whenever they lose popularity they gon pull a wale and put a dark skinned chick in the lead role lol..

      they dont realize the “other” chicks only check for them when we do. “they” look to sistas to see what’s “cool.”

  1. If he was just performing at hood clubs and almost got shot in the middle of the performance, what makes him think he can sell out arenas right now?

  2. And I don’t feel sorry for him. He was just on ig cussing out his own fans. He won’t be happy until he has none left.

  3. Serves him right that’s what he gets. After he cursed some of team breezy out because they were disappointed in him for not finishing his community service did he really think they would turn around and buy tickets for his concert. Team Breezy was the best thing he had going for himself and he alienates them just an idiot.

  4. Interesting, usually when artists do joint tours (with the exception of the OTR tour) it’s because they don’t have the numbers to fill up arenas on their own. So, this is just sad.

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