Ciara Unfollows Future for Being Messy?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara shocked her fans when it was confirmed she had called off her engagement to Future, and it was rumored last year the couple fell out because Future allegedly cheated on her multiple times.

Interestingly enough, some of the tabloids tried to link the rapper with Rihanna last year, and that was a huge mess considering Ciara and Rihanna had a nasty public feud at one point.

Although there was no truth to the rumors, one would think Future should have known posting a photo of Rihanna on his Instagram account was surely a messy move:

rihanna future instagram

Ciara has since unfollowed.


      1. Yeah I wonder if she reads that open letter know and feels stupid as hell. She really thought people were jealous of her when she just joined another baby mama club. She could be so much more if she just learned how to focus on music and not worry about these bums.

    1. All of this. That is why I never felt the need to try to be friends with the boyfriends who did me wrong. If you treated me like crap while we were together, how can i expect you to treat me better as a friend?

  1. I swear these guys so disrespectful nowadays. Future knew exactly what he was doing when he posted this picture of Rihanna. I mean damn do you not have any respect for the mother of your child wtf. Not only did he publicly disrespect her he opened the door for everyone else to clown her. Ciara was stupid for getting with Future but she doesn’t deserve this.

  2. He disrespected his other “kids mother” and she felt the need to post pics of her and Future together to spite her. Well Miss Ceecee, as D’Angelo says, “HOW DOES IT FEEL!!”

  3. Why are people still surprised by the sh-t she does? She hasn’t made a good decision since 1,2 step. That man basically told the world she was easy, knocked her up, cheated on her, and all of a sudden she feels disrespected over a picture? Make better decisions c-error!

  4. I can’t believe how grown a** people act so childish. He is an idiot and Ciara just plain stupid for even dealing with him from the start.

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