Future Isn’t Done with Ciara Yet

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It seems like Future and Ciara’s messy breakup drama is far from over.  While Ciara has taken to her music to vent out her frustrations with the failed relationship, the rapper apparently is using social media to get even.

The other day Future posted a photo of Ciara’s one time enemy Rihanna on his Instagram account, and it angered Ciara’s fan base. The singer eventually responded by unfollowing but Future is once again back to his online pettiness.

In a recent Instagram post, he actually clapped back at Ciara claiming she upgraded him in her new single “I Bet”:

future instagram

future instagram 2


  1. I’m going to blame Ciara for this. She hyped this dude up like he was her Jay Z or some sh-t and now he still thinks he’s that dude. I remember when she was on Twitter trying to shame the blogs for calling it like we all saw it. We knew he would end up making her look stupid and here he is, proving us all right yet again. You never make losers feel important.

  2. What i don’t understand and probably wont ever understand is why do these b-tches go after these rappers when they openly rap and speak ill things of women who they f-ck. They dont trust us. They dont love us. Money over b-tches etc etc. They make known what you are to them already so why even bother Yet get pregnant by him? There are other occupations where a man can be wealthy and treat u right. And If they dont treat you right, u wont feel as dumb because you didn’t just get finished reading or listening to his inner thoughts on women in his music/lyrics..cuz y? Hes.not a.rapper! 🙂

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