Azealia Banks Goes After Erykah Badu

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Azealia Banks is no stranger to Twitter rants and Twitter beefs, and as of late, her favorite target has been Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

Now that Iggy walked away from the Grammys with zero awards, it appears Azealia has decided to lay off the Australian star for now.

Despite that, Azealia is still finding herself in controversial situations since she actually took some shots at Erykah Badu recently.

It all started when Erykah told a fan on Twitter that she “tried” to listen to Azealia Banks:

erykah twitter

Azealia felt it was shade and accused the singer of being jealous (read tweets from bottom to top):

azealia twitter 2azealia twitter

Erykah responded:

erykah twitter 2

And that’s pretty much when Azealia decided to drop it:

azealia twitter 3


Do you think Erykah was being shady by telling a fan she “tried” to listen to Azealia, or did Azealia overreact?


  1. It’s seriously time for Azealia to grow up. And Erykah doesn’t get jealous of younger artists. She’s really cool with Janelle Monae and posted a picture of her meeting Rihanna for the first time the other day on Twitter. Erykah has a reputation of being a very cool person that younger artists can talk to. Just like Lauryn. Maybe she really did try to get into Azealia’s music but it just wasn’t for her. It wasn’t that serious.

    1. Now I like you because you are always respectful on here but your memory fails you boo. Remember when Erykah came for Nicki for no reason at all that time? If you forgot, here you go girl >>>

      Erykah is a phony fraud and she does take shots at younger artists. And please believe she would come for Beyonce if she could but she knows Bey’s stans would make her life a living hell. The most she did was laugh at the elevator thing on Twitter because she knew she couldn’t say more. She’s not a nice person.

      1. You better speak that damn truth. Erykah ain’t sh-t. She has tweeted worse things than Azealia has. I remember that time when she actually dragged a black woman and called her nappy headed and made fun of her wide nose all because the girl called her out for showing up late to her performance. Let’s not forget the time she tried to call a man gay because he told her she was a hypocrite for performing for a dictator. Her whole image is fake. Sh-t she didn’t even know who Mike Brown was. Why do people keep putting her fake a-s on a pedestal?!

  2. Twitter is ruining one career at a time and these celebs just don’t realize they are destroying themselves.

  3. I was trying to give Azealia a chance because she’s the only one who had the balls to call out Iggy, but she really is showing her true colors. So damn bitter.

  4. Please don’t funk with Erika Badu, please please please, she is an artist and sensitive about her Sh*t. (Real artist fans will get this). A great deal of these pop stars can not take out trash of the new bubble gum groupies fooled into thinking these entertainers are hot…..well the are not, do your music research folks.

  5. If Twitter were to shut down today, we’d never hear about Azealia again because honestly that’s the only way she can make the news.

  6. Well I feel like Erykah was trying to be shady and Azealia had every right to check her for it. Erykah was the queen many years ago but now she’s a walking contradiction. She had the nerve to say women who get naked in R&B do it because they aren’t talented but then she gets naked twice after that in flop music videos. Drag ha Azealia!!!

  7. Notice how Erykah turned on her location when she tweeted. I don’t think UB showed it but she certainly did. AB does not want any part of EB.

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