Tahiry Strikes Again & Gets Petty with Amber Rose

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tahiry Jose turned down another season of “Love and Hip Hop New York” because she reportedly felt like being messy on the reality show was a bad look but the former reality star doesn’t seem to mind getting messy on social media when it comes to her dating life.

Months ago it was rumored Tahiry had a budding romance with James Harden (they even spent time together in China last year), and now that Amber Rose has confirmed she has been dating the athlete, apparently Tahiry is marking her territory.

Tahiry kicked it with James recently during the All Stars festivities:

tahiry instagramtahiry instagram 2

The timing couldn’t be worse considering Amber claimed she was hoping to get intimate with Harden for the first time this weekend.

Now this isn’t the first time Tahiry has hopped on Instagram to sour someone else’s budding romance with someone she’s familiar with. She did the same thing to Porsha Williams and it’s one of the reasons Porsha claims she cut things off with LeSean McCoy.



  1. She’s petty as sh-t. And why does she always try to come for the women and not the men who never wanted anything more from her than sex? Shouldn’t she be shading James Harden instead?

  2. Tahiry knows damn well whatever she had with James ended last year and it was never serious. She needs to stop c-ck blocking.

  3. She’s a hater. I remember when she did this to Porsha. She made it seem like she was dating LeSean too but it turned out they were just cool and she was on some groupie sh-t that never worked on him. Now James is a male whore but he took her to China and f-cked her and went on about his business. He saw her last night and spoke and now she’s trying to make it seem like he’s interested in her when he’s been there and done that already. She’s mad she can’t get these athletes to pay her any mind besides a quick f-ck. I hope Amber doesn’t respond to this petty broad.

    1. I peeped game about her a long time ago. Anyway, she’s out here trying to get chose and it’s not working out for her. Stay mad Tahiry.

  4. I’m glad UB mentioned she did the same thing to Porsha. She is such a hating a-s b-tch she trying to be a c-ck blocker but all she is doing is showing the world how much she sleeps around.

  5. This is the actions of someone with low self esteem. You can’t claim what isn’t yours. And Amber said they were just going out on dates and not serious yet. So I don’t understand why Tahiry is doing all of this.

  6. Tahiry has really fallen off. She should call Mona and at least try to get back on LHHNY so she can have something better to do with her time.

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