Khloe Kardashian Claps Back at Amber Rose (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose made headlines for speaking her mind on the Kardashian crew, as well as Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s rumored romantic relationship.

Amber is close friends with Tyga’s ex fiancée Blac Chyna, and she flat-out said she feels it’s disgusting that the rapper has allegedly decided to dump Chyna and date a 17-year-old when they have a child together.

And Amber also said she feels like Kim is fake.

Welp, as to be expected, Khloe took to her Twitter account to clap back (read tweets from bottom to top):

khloe kardashian twitter copy

UPDATE: Amber has responded. And the gloves are off (read tweets from bottom to top):

amber rose twitter

Khloe’s last response (from bottom to top):

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 3.59.24 PMkhloe twitter 2

There’s more:

amber rose twitter 2


  1. They are so full of crap. So we’re supposed to believe they don’t talk about Amber amongst themselves when Kim stays pressed about what Amber does on Instagram? I mean after Amber posted those swimsuit photos, Kim posted one. And when Blac Chyna got cool with Amber, Kim unfollowed Chyna. They need to stop the we’re not pressed act because their actions say otherwise.

  2. This is what happens when you give uneducated whores a platform and non deserved fame. Now that whole family of sluts has their noses up in the air and they actually think they’re hot sh-t. But the joke is the whole world still laughs at them. They will always be trash. At least Amber owns her sh-t.

    1. Yeah we only have ourselves a blame. We pay them too much attention. This post will probably get like 100 comments. Kim and her family stay relevant because of us.

  3. She needs to find that crackhead husband of hers and get that damn divorce done. These b-tches stay trying to pop off on Twitter but they ruin every man that crosses their rotting c–ch path. Bruce is turning into a woman. Kanye is a bigger joke than he was before Kim. Lamar turned to crack because being married to Khloe made him miserable. And Scott’s probably high on coke as we speak. They’re nothing but poison to every man who is dumb enough to deal with them.

    1. She won’t say this to Amber’s face. Amber is from Philly and lived a hard life before she got on with Kanye. She will knock the teeth out of Khloe’s mouth.

  4. Kylie has a career? I guess I missed that memo. Anyway, she can try to drag Amber all day but that doesn’t change that what Amber said was the truth. They are really sick people to sit there and defend that young girl being in a relationship with a 25 year old man.

    1. Well all of the women in that family have f-cked older men when they were underage. They aren’t mad about Tyga because they did the same thing when they were young. Google is your friend.

  5. I laugh every time one of them says they have careers. No you don’t. Attention whoring isn’t a career. The only one who comes close to having a real career is Kendall and she gets modeling jobs because of who she is. Fashion designers have sold out and now they think it takes a celebrity to sell their horrid clothes.

  6. Well Amber asked for it. How many times were they supposed to sit back and not respond to the garbage Amber spews in her interviews?

      1. Take my fondness for Kim and Kenya out the equation, did I tell any lies? Kim has never said anything bad about Amber. No one in that family has. But Amber has done this repeatedly. After a while, you have every right to defend yourself and your family. Khloe did nothing wrong. Y’all are only dragging her because y’all hate them on here. But the truth is Amber is a bootleg version of Kim. She wishes she could be on Kim’s level. And that’s really why she’s mad.

        1. Girl who wants to be Kim except idiots? Kanye is a nightmare and who the hell wants Kris Jenner as a mother? Besides the fame and money, Kim’s life is a mess. She’s not even 40 yet and she’s been married three times. And North will be able to Google her p-ssy when she learns how to use a smart phone. Amber actually became more successful when she dumped Kanye. Kim became the most successful when she got with Kanye. So you do the math. You tried and failed.

        2. Are you serious? So you’re condoning a grown-a-s 25 year old man, sleeping with a child before her 17th birthday! That’s statutory rape, in case you don’t know, and would need her Mother’s consent for him not to be in jail. HER MOTHER’S F-CKING CONSENT!!!! Everyday you say sh-t that makes my head pop, but this right here is tops it all. If that had been somebody black, you would’ve been dragging them up and down these threads. Shame on you!!!

          1. Wrong. I have never condoned Tyga’s relationship with Kylie. I’ve been vocal about that on past posts:



            But I’m not even commenting on that today. What I said is Khloe has a right to respond to Amber since Amber has been talking about them negatively in interviews for years now. That’s all I’m saying on this post.

          2. Saying that the situation is “disturbing”, is saying nothing at all. You’re tiptoeing over an issue that I know on a normal day, you’d be stating a full opinion and not backing down…period! The problem with being a stan is that you don’t call your folks out when they do wrong, but you want to hold others to that standard. I stand by my earlier post above – you should be ashamed of yourself!

          3. So now you think you have the right to tell me what kind of comments I should write? Who died and made you God? I said it was disturbing but because it wasn’t an essay, I support them dating? Thank goodness I was born with logic. I can express myself however I please. But I’m done talking to you. You’re irrational and very unpleasant. In the future, don’t ever reply to me again. If you do, you will be ignored from here on out.

          4. julyol1972 You’re such a miserable person. No one on here has ever taken up for Tyga and Kylie. We all said it was wrong. Leave this girl alone. You are constantly jumping down her throat all because she likes Kenya. But the real tea is she has never been nasty towards you or Yeah I Said It! when she has every right to be considering how nasty the both of you are towards her over RHOA. She’s a nice person on here and has every right to like who she likes. Grow up.

          5. @ Anonymous

            Don’t drag me into something I have nothing to do with. I’ve never been rude to Im Sayin. Show me receipts of this dragging I supposedly gave her. She’s the only Kenya stan I can stomach and we go back and forth respectfully all the time. She knows I love her. So stop trying to instigate.

          6. Anonymous must be a Kenya stan. Why are in your feelings about Yeah I Said It! and julyol1972? They have never gone in on Im Sayin. I honestly think it’s a misunderstanding and people being too sensitive on here. I’m sleep tho…

          7. Anonymous and you know julyol1972 personally to call her miserable? You’re just one of those childish Kenya stans who can’t take someone dragging your trashy fave. Y’all are so petty and calculating. Y’all can’t even be mature on posts that have nothing to do with RHOA. Typical. And you’re the one who needs to grow up.

          8. Im Sayin, I may be miserable and unpleasant, but you’re morally corrupt for stanning for two woman who could give two sh-ts about black women, yet you’re here on a black forum trying to explain why a Kartrashian should be going in hard on Amber when she only spoke facts. I could give a rat’s behind if you respond to me or not, and whether you think so or not, I don’t dislike you. I just have little patience for bull sh-t!

            So feel free to swerve around my posts, ignore, do not stop…whatever floats your boat. I’ll continue to state my opinion, as you will yours!

          9. Anonymous! Kenya wasn’t part of this, till you rode in like Custer “to save the day”. Im Sayin can stand up for herself without your help, hon. You just wanted to make this about Kenya Moore-Whore! Well it isn’t! So the same way you butted your way in, please step the f-ck out! Thanks so much!!!!

        3. But they always use Khloe to do their dirty work. She’s like their attack dog/attack ogre. The sad thing is she doesn’t mind being used.

  7. Kylie has her sh-t together? How Sway? That young thot dropped out of home school. Now you know you ain’t sh-t when you drop out of home school. Shut the f-ck up Khloe.

  8. Khloe better sit her Chyna looking a-s down somewhere. Don’t get mad because Amber blasted y’all a-s and spoke nothing but the truth. Then she really tried to blast Amber about being a stripper but your sister whored herself out on tape to make it to get to where she is. GTFOH I usually don’t condone going back in forth but if I was Amber drag that b-tch. I also want all the people who stan for Kim and this trashy a-s family to pay attention on how Khloe is trying to call Amber a ho because she was a stripper but Kim has a “career” forget how she f-cked and sucked her way to the top but she has a “career”. This is a prime example of how white people view black or women of color.

  9. Well now we know why Kylie follows Tyga around all the time and isn’t in school. Her stupid family members approve of it. Khloe thought she was exposing Amber but she really exposed her whole family in these tweets. They have no values whatsoever.

  10. Now watch Amber actually end up having the real career Kim always wanted. Kim isn’t doing more than posing nude for free for magazines. Amber is getting those acting credits up.

    1. Umm what? Has Amber covered Vogue? Is Amber’s net worth 65 million? Does Amber own multiple successful businesses? Did Amber have a Super Bowl commercial? Is Amber sitting front row at fashion shows with Beyonce and Rihanna? Is Amber one of the most searched for and well known celebrities in the world? Come on now. I know y’all hate Kim but y’all have to stop with the lies.

      1. If you don’t stop repeating the same lies put out by Kris I’m going to scream. Kim’s net worth is not 65 million. And that family keeps getting busted for lying. Y’all said Kim’s video game would earn about $200 million and that turned out to be a fat lie too. Tell me this, if Kim has so much money, why does she still live with Kris? And if Kanye is so wealthy, why does he still live with Kris? It’s clear as day that both of them are having money problems. And Kim was put on blast for being terrible with money two years ago.

          1. Better off because she has more money? Kim’s whole life has been f-cked up for a long time. Just look at her step father. They are sad. All of them.

          2. I think most people will tell you out of Amber and Kim, Amber won. She gets to be famous and make money without being with Kanye. Kudos to her.

      2. 1. Kim would not have gotten that Vogue cover without Kanye. And didn’t it flop?
        2. Her net worth is nowhere near 65 million. That’s regurgitated PR crap.
        3. When Kim “owns’ businesses, she simply attaches her name to someone else’s business while they essentially do all the work and make more money than her. The same thing happened with her video game and their new haircare line. That is why they are always seeking endorsements. They don’t make much money from “their businesses” because they aren’t really theirs.
        4. Yes, Kim had a SB commercial but it didn’t do well. It performed poorly and didn’t help T-mobile at all. Kind of why any magazine Kim covers struggles to sell. They are overexposed and bad for business.
        5. She’s only sitting front row because of Kanye. Rihanna and Beyonce didn’t even know her personally until he got with her.
        6. Everyone knows Kim is everywhere because her family pays for press.

        Just some facts for you to think about…

  11. Damn!!!!! Amber just gained a fan. No one has ever had the balls to call out those whores and it’s been long overdue. Get em Amber!!

  12. Khloe found the right one this time. Next time she needs to be quiet. You can’t go around hurting people and not expect for someone to call you out for it.

  13. Yes drag that ho Amber!!!! Amber hit her a-s with that ether. Everybody going inn on them people are digging up clips when Khloe admitted she was 14 dating a 18 year old and said it was disgusting so what about a 16 year old who just turned 17 dating a 25 year old. Also the clip of Kylie sliding down a stripper pole she looks like she is around 12 years old. This is an epic dragging going down on social media that’s what Khloe gets trying to be miss bada-s and got her a-s clocked lol.

  14. I’m confused about Khloe calling Amber out for being a stripper. Ain’t Kim still stripping naked for magazines? Let’s not.

  15. Khloe opened a can of worms she didn’t have to. Amber was asked a question and she f-cking answered it. But because Khloe thought Amber wouldn’t respond, she tried to be a gansgta and Amber isn’t a coward like her older sister. Khloe better learn to shut her f-cking mouth because there’s a lot of people waiting to slap the sh-t out of her and her family members.

  16. Amber just did what so many people have been wanting to do but haven’t because they were afraid of the Kardashian media attacking them. Well done Amber.

  17. Khloe said she didn’t want to give Amber shine but she did. Amber got so many retweets and followers from this. This was just more exposure for her. It’s going to be all over the white blogs too in the next hour. Khloe didn’t know how to play the game. In the end she just helped her own enemy. Lol.

  18. Im so mad im not on twitter. I don’t stan for nobody, but that dayum Amber just touched my heart. She G-checked they a$$es with 0 f’s to give. I think im gonna go join twitter now just for the

  19. First off you guys are doing the most on this post. (Haha that rhymed) Turning it into “who’s a whore fest” when really it’s simple, Amber rose bumped her gums about a subject that had nothing to do with her and spoke ill of Khloes sister. She started this, she open the flood gate. At that point khloe, kim, kris or whoever with last name kardashian can come for you. Thats what you do when you are a family, a loyal one to add. I know if someone came for one of mine I would defend them. Also khloe is right, keep our name out your mouth. It’s just that simple. You all sit behind these screens, high up on your soapbox and judge people you have never and likely will ever meet. You people were just calling Amber a thirsty whore a little while ago and now she’s your new leader. Wtf,I won’t drink the kool-aid. ..

    1. Who the f-ck called Amber our f-cking leader besides your dumb a-s? We recognize a good dragging when we see it and give props to the person who ethered a b-tch. Nothing more, nothing less. And let’s be real here. Tyga needed to be called out for being a pedophile but who else better to do it than the best friend of the woman he left for a child? Now take your Kardashian kool-aid and choke on that sh-t.

      1. LOL!!! You’re not going to stop until you get banned forever from this blog. Bring it down a notch please. UB will ban you forever for being too turnt up.

        1. Ms. Jackson,

          You do need to calm down. I think you can be too aggressive sometimes. And I’m not looking for an argument. I like you and don’t want you to be banned like others have been in the past. I’ve seen it happen and I’ve been commenting on here since 2010.

          1. I can respect that sh-t because it’s coming from you. But if they come for me first, it’s going down. I’m just not for the bullsh-t.

    2. Just say you’re team Khloe and call it a day sis. The whole point of a blog is for people to leave their opinions aka comments. If you can’t stomach that, you can easily find another blog to visit (one that doesn’t have comments). You’re on here judging us, but mad we’re judging celebrities? How does that work, again Ms. Hypocrite? At least we can own the fact that we’re opinionated but we’re the reason most people come on here. Someone obviously loves reading our opinions even though you don’t. Lastly, Amber took up for her friend. She’s allowed to do that.

    3. I think Amber started this too. But she will get a pass on here because they hate Kim and her family. But whatever.

    4. Humans are hypocrites by nature. I’m sure you’ve been hypocritical about something at some point in time as well. No need for you to be on soapbox.

    5. “You all sit behind these screens, high up on your soapbox and judge people you have never and likely will ever meet.”

      texas forever, You’re a hypocrite. I searched for your comments on here and I found 3 posts in which you were going in on celebrities, judging them and typing like you knew them (what you called us out for doing):

      So I guess you only have a problem with people judging strangers when it’s people you like (the Kardashians). The next time you want to call us out for being on soap boxes, don’t forget you frequently stand on one yourself when you comment on here. You’re dismissed, hypocrite.

  20. You Kardashian stans are annoying and lack comprehension skills. Did y’all even listen to the interview or just do like Khloe and let someone gas you up to look stupid? Amber spoke highly of Kanye and said people need to let him and Kim be. She said French loves Khloe and she has no issues with Khloe. She called out Tyga but never went in on Kylie. The only thing she said is she doesn’t respect the Kardashians. And she shouldn’t because look at what Kim did to her. Look at what Kylie did to Chyna. They do people dirty all the time but they expect people not to say anything. Khloe started this by not watching the whole interview and trying to be big and bad on Twitter. She deserved to be dragged, like she was.

    And yall need to stop being salty about people siding with Amber and giving her kudos for dragging Khloe. Those white girls don’t even like yall like that. They’d stab you in the back with the quickness. Khloe was just on IG like a month ago trying to make jokes about the KKK. How quick yall forget. Amber is the lesser of two evils. It is what it is.

    1. Thank you. I think it’s sad some people are trying to deflect from Amber’s whole point. She didn’t drag Kylie. She just called out Tyga and Kris and her family for being ok with him having a relationship with a CHILD. What does Amber being a hoe or a stripper at 15 have to do with that? Not a damn thing. Every single one of us and everyone in the industry needs to be calling out Tyga. It’s SICK.

  21. These comments gave me life. I mean there were mini beefs and at least 5 draggings within a post about a Twitter beef and epic dragging. I live UB. I live.

  22. Someone finally put those thots in their place. I have more respect for Amber now, she won hands down. Let the Kum K fans seethe in anger, they obviously have no lives that is why they stan for a whore.

  23. Khloe ain’t mad about Tyga smashing her little sis because she was doing the same sh-t at her age. Khloe was like 14 years old when she went on tour with G-unit and she was f-cking their homies and these were grown a-s men. They have no problem with this situation because every single one of them did the same thing her age and younger. Kylie never stood a chance with a mother and siblings like that.

  24. Well I guess all those sites on the Kardashian payroll will go after Amber now. I hope she’s ready for the battle.

  25. This gave me life. I don’t always agree with everything Amber does but she’s 100% real. Her memes had me dying. Don’t mess with a Philly girl.

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