Tyrese Puts a Woman on Blast

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It was speculated months ago that Tyrese possibly had a budding romance with actress Sanaa Lathan because paparazzi spotted them grabbing dinner together, and then some even suspected Tyrese had a thing for Taraji P. Henson weeks ago because of the praise he gave her on Instagram.

Despite his rumored love life, the actor took to his Instagram account recently to put a woman on blast for seemingly plotting on him.

Apparently he was upset to learn the woman was researching his net worth before spending time together:

tyrese instagram

Tyrese has since deleted the post.


  1. Hey, she did her homework…I can’t be mad at that. These entertainers want to date a certain type, but get made when that type live up to their label. Find a woman in the same lane, you won’t have to worry!

  2. She’s studying her target. He needs to be mad at himself for giving a woman who isn’t on his level the time of day. If I had fame and money I would only date those on my level. I don’t want to be used.

  3. Fake outrage on Tyrese’s part. I have yet to see him date a woman who has the fame and bank account he has. And I think that’s for a reason. Some men really do prefer to date women who have less because they can be more controlling in the relationship.

  4. “Tropies” do groupie things….and Tyrese loves those types. Find a woman of substance….not a bird looking for a come up.

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