Mendeecees’ Assistant Remy Calls out Yandy (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yandy Smith has always had a reputation for being the calmest person on “Love and Hip Hop New York,” but this season the reality star is finding lots of friction in Mendeecees’ relationship with his assistant Remy.

On the latest episode, Yandy told Mendeecees she is not feeling Remy as his assistant because she feels Remy dresses inappropriately on the clock.

Yandy also made it seem like she has an issue with Remy because she doesn’t know her very well, so the trust isn’t there for her to be comfortable with them hanging out in clubs together when she’s not around.

However, some are starting to suspect Yandy is just pulling stunts for storyline purposes.

Baller Alert did some digging and discovered Remy and Yandy appeared to be on good terms for years, if Remy’s Instagram page is any indication.

The site reports:

First I’d like to say this is eerily similar to Yandy’s first season with Love & Hip Hop when Chrissy expressed the same concerns. But back then, Yandy didn’t see anything wrong. Now, after some digging through Remy’s instagram page, apparently she and Yandy have been extremely close over the last 2-3 years, at least according to Remy who referred to Yandy on several occasions as her big sis.

On photos dating back as far as 154 weeks ago, Remy spends time with Yandy outside of work environments and even assisted Yandy during photo shoots. Remy refers to Yandy as her sis, says how much she loves her and even spent Valentine’s Day, her birthday and more with Yandy. She has more pics on her page of her and Yandy than she does of Mandeecees. One would think she was actually Yandy’s assistant from the looks of her Instagram page. Yandy even comments under the photos, calling Remy her signature “puud” pet name.


Interestingly enough, Remy sort of hints to this in a recent Instagram rant (screenshot obtained by Baller Alert):

remy calls out yandy instagram

UPDATE: Yandy has responded and it was pretty lengthy too:

yandy instagramyandy instagram 2yandy instagram 3


  1. Well the sh-t did seem fake to me. I just find it funny that Mona has finally decided to demand Yandy be messy on the show.

  2. Yandy did treat her like she didn’t even know her or spent anytime with her. Yandy is just rubbing me the wrong way these days smh.

  3. Am I the only one wondering why he has an assistant? A lawyer, I could understand…but an assistant? I must have missed something here.

  4. I really think Mona told Yandy and Mandeecees to pump up the drama this season. I guess too many people complained about them keeping their messiness off the show. But I hope people will see now that Yandy has always been a bird. She just knows how to mask it well.

  5. There’s so much irony in all of this. Many of us can remember that Yandy was the same way when she was Jim’s assistant. I don’t feel she dressed appropriately back then and she was way too close to comfort to the point that it was understandable why Chrissy was feeling some kind of way about everything. Did Yandy forget season two?

      1. It’s still the same situation though regardless and now Yandy sees how Chrissy felt. Yandy wasn’t very professional herself when she was managing Jim. That was Queen’s point and she’s 100% correct in her assessment.

    1. I know right.she was Remy at that time.she thought she was Jim Jones women.and the b-tch never dressed appropriate on season 2 she was hating on Chrissy big now what go’s around comes

  6. I wish Chrissy was more active on her IG because she really needs to tell Yandy how hypocritical all this is. I’m just baffled she hasn’t noticed it yet.

  7. She’s screaming be professional but what’s professional about 1) being on a reality show that is highlighting your man has multiple kids with multiple women and may be going to jail and 2) what’s professional about blasting someone on IG? Yandy is such a hypocrite and fraud man.

  8. Oh please Yandy sit your a-s down somewhere with this BS while I do agree the chick can dress more professional but if you look on the assistant’s instagram she was very cool with Yandy dressing the same way she was dressing on the show why is this all of a sudden a problem now for tv. At the end of the day Mendeecees is her boss and he can kill all the drama but if you look on his instagram page he just gave the chick a shoutout so Yandy looking real stupid.

  9. I believe what probably happened is they cut out some info on the show or maybe Yandy didn’t want to reveal what was going down on the show because she didn’t want her business out there. Some things are not always put out there for the world to see until later. Therefore if she is faking about the situation then eventually it will come out. I just hope that she isn’t making sh-t up but only they know whats really going on. All we can do is go off of what we see. She seems like she is telling the truth in her post because she’s obviously venting.

  10. It’s clear to see that remy is playing a game(women have been doing this for years)she really wants to give mendecees da kooty

  11. It’s clear to see that remy is playing a game(something that women have been doing for years)she wants to give mendecees the kooty kat and is trying to see just how far he’ll go!! She plays her cool,she just might’ve been real tight with yandy but dat doesn’t stop anything.its to obvious she wants more than a assistant position…i hope he doesn’t fall for it bcuz he looked like he was feeling her to! Ijs …..I say get rid of her -ss and get a mrs doubtfire looking bish!!!

  12. Yandy did saybduring taping abiut hervsneakibg selfies and pop up at club events. She also said to quote what are you doing here when she first seen her. I think mendecees played with yandy emotions during those scenes and it seem tp me the girl made it appear they were more tight then she knew about. My reaction wouldnt have been that dramatic towards her but i agree on checking her because you dont show up to work dressed like that.

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