Wiz Khalifa & His Mom Take Shots at Amber Rose, Amber Responds

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wiz Khalifa can’t seem to make up his mind when it comes to his estranged wife Amber Rose, one minute he’s telling his followers she’s “fine as f*ck” and the next he’s telling them “no thanks” when they tell him to reconcile with her.

When the war of tweets went down between Amber and Khloe Kardashian, Wiz silently chose a side by following Khloe on Twitter but hours later he got a little more bold by seemingly calling his ex a tramp:

wiz acting up twitter

Wiz’s mom apparently was popping off before Wiz was (screenshots obtained by The Shade Room):

wiz mom cutting up

Amber responded by posting video of her dancing on a man at Trinidad Carnival:

A video posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

She writes in the caption:

Men aren’t the only ones that can have fun on tour….. women can too. #UMad Trini men tho???? #IllTakeaSliceOfTriniManPiePlease #Thot #Whore #Hoe #Slut #BadB*tch #MILF #ButDatA*sonFleekDoe #MomsAreAllowedtoHaveFunToo #NoDoubleStandardsOverHereBro


She also posted some encouraging text messages:

amber rose instagramamber rose instagram 2

amber rose instagram 3amber rose instagram 4


      1. I can’t stand Trazee. Silly me to think I could escape her and the rest of the annoying Kardashian cleaners on here.

      1. Girl please don’t pay her any mind. She’s a paid Kardashian PR rep and she frequents a forum I go to and does the same thing. She’s so annoying. She’s been on LSA all day posting anything and everything bad about Amber. They are mad Amber dragged Khloe and her entire family in just a few tweets.

        1. You go to LSA too? I somehow acquired a certified nutjob , stalkerfrom off that site, so if the one above is anything to go by, I totally understand where you’re coming from.

    1. You Kardashian turds are just going to have to accept Amber bodied y’all on Twitter and you had it coming. No one cares about Amber calling Kim a whore. Kim’s sex tape is the reason you even have a PR job right now.

    2. Aww y’all are still mad. Well tell Khloe to work on her clap backs. Then maybe next time she won’t get embarrassed. She’s so used to going after scary chicks who won’t respond that she mistakenly thought she would check Amber unscathed. LOL. Silly rabbits.

  1. Wiz’s mom seems really petty though because when they were dating, she loved Amber. She even threw her two baby showers and would brag on her. Funny how some mothers flip and change on you when their sons were the ones to mess up the relationship.

    1. Real talk. My ex’s mom did me the same way. She loved me and treated me like a daughter until we broke up. Then I all of a sudden became someone she always hated (so she says). But it’s whatever. He was a f-ck boy anyway.

  2. So did Moms clown his ass for cheating, smoking dope all day and posting all that sh-t bout him banging the Twins on IG? I didn’t think so! Maybe instead of trying to slut shame Amber she should be wondering why her son feels the need to air his dirty linen in public like a lil b-tch. Bunch of damn hypocrites!

  3. Childish. And they need not to talk about bad parenting when Wiz is leaving clubs pissy drunk and sleeping around with random whores.

  4. If his mom loves him so much she should tell him to eat some sandwiches and do something about those dusty a-s dreads he has in his head.

  5. Times like these I’m thankful my mom isn’t on Twitter, Facebook and all that other garbage. She’s too old to be this basic.

  6. Looks like Amber should start worrying about her own problems right about now. I think Wiz is about to take her to court over custody.

  7. I’m certain Amber will come out on the top of all this. It’s unfortunate that a platform for keeping in touch is so frequently abused by people who are out of touch. I want her to get to the point that she stops replying via twerk videos. I understand her message but nothing says it better than living and doing you no matter who’s watching.

  8. I need for all adults to remember there is a child involved. The best thing for a child is two parents who can agree to be mature and co-parent with some sense.

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