Meek Mill Calls out Baby Mama for Liking Picture of Nicki Minaj’s Ex

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Meek Mill says he is on cloud nine thanks to his budding romance with Nicki Minaj, but that hasn’t stopped him from paying attention to what his baby mama is doing on Instagram.

Apparently Meek got salty when he found out she liked a few of Nicki’s ex Safaree Samuels’ pictures.

He posted the following not too long after:

meek mill instagram

meek mill instagram 2

His baby mama responded with the following (screenshot obtained by Celeb Gozzip):

meek baby mama response




    1. I don’t think she thinks he will do that to her because she’s famous but didn’t he do that to Rihanna though? So she should know she isn’t safe.

      1. Oh he has no filter at all. He will go after anyone. Even his own label mate. He’s a hot mess and Nicki is naive to even be dealing with him. This won’t end well.

  1. If you’re truly happy in your new relationship, you’re not going to be watching what your exes are doing and what pictures they are liking. This is why I think him and Nicki really aren’t into each other as they claim. Both of them are still pressed about their exes.

  2. I think right now Nicki is just really enjoying being with an Alpha male so she’s ignoring all the red flags. Meek will do the same thing to her if/when they fall out. I mean he’s the same dude who called out Wale for not tweeting about his album every day.

  3. His baby mama has been acting stupid on IG ever since he got with Nicki. She’s really salty and keeps talking about how she’s badder than Nicki (and that’s a damn lie lol). She’s probably so happy he gave her this attention. She’s been trying to get it for weeks now.

  4. Nicki needs to see this as her future’s forecast. I can bet my bottom dollar that this baby mama drama will get worse before it gets better. She’s too old and too well off to have to deal with this foolishness. Even for publicity or out of spite I can’t see her dealing with this.

    1. True that’s why I still can’t believe Nicki is with him. She has access to way better men being that she’s got money and she’s so famous. But whatever. She is acting like she’s smitten.

  5. They are probably still sleeping together. Both of them are still emotionally invested a little bit too much to not be doing it. Nicki better be paying attention. When a dude cares what his baby mama is doing to that extent, it’s usually a reason.

  6. So it this the new thing now when you’re at odds with someone? You go to on Instagram and like pictures of their ex/foe to get even? How childish and weak. Back in the day, you made that phone call or drove to their house to hash it out. This whole new generation of passive aggressiveness is pretty pathetic.

  7. Both are being immature. She liked the pictures to get him worked up and he took the bait when he should have just ignored it. I hope Nicki understands what she just signed up for.

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