Amber Rose Responds to Kanye

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The internet is still talking about Kanye’s harsh comments about Amber Rose in his interview with The Breakfast Club, and to be expected, the rapper fired back at his ex for saying some not so nice things about his wife Kim Kardashian on Twitter.

Of course all of this really popped off because Khloe Kardashian lost a Twitter war with Amber over Amber’s comments regarding Kylie Jenner and Tyga.

Amber has responded to Kanye and her tweets are pretty telling (read from bottom to top):

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  1. Perfect response. Now Kanye looks even more dumb. He’s out here being a slave to the same people who discard black men like trash when they no longer serve any use to them. And when that day comes, I’m laughing my butt off.

  2. Even though I was poised for the spillage, I have to applaud her for keeping it classy! This lil stunt he pulled has the whole Kardashian clan looking like a bunch of petty a-ses, and Kanye as their little lap dog. I hope when Kim fades his a-s to black, he don’t come crying to us black folks! Cuz we ALL know that sh-t will go down sooner rather than later.

  3. Mature but I wanted her to ether Kim and Kanye. Oh well. I guess I should just be happy she dragged Khloe and the klan for filth a few days ago on Twitter.

  4. Don’t worry y’all. She’s still tweeting. I’m sure UB will add the rest as she goes. Amber is really playing chess while Kanye and all of them are looking crazy.

  5. I think Amber signed some nondisclosure papers with Kanye that’s why she won’t really go in on him. Kanye is a true idiot the Kartrashians have him and TMZ doing their dirty work notice TMZ has been trashing Amber saying she is unfit mother and how Wiz is filing for custody.Then you have Kanye dumb a-s building Kim up like she a prize and Amber the whore when in fact Kim has been with more industry guys than Kim. But Amber is correct when they are done with him they are going to tear his a-s up and I’m going to be one of the many people to laugh at him.

  6. I think she handled it well. She only makes Kanye and that trashy family look worse. You would think as much experience they have in making people look bad in the media that they would have easily put Amber in her place. Instead Amber has a whole bunch of new fans and she gave people even more reasons not to like Kanye and the Kardashians. And she did it all with a few tweets. Very impressive.

  7. Sometimes the truth is enough. Kanye should be ashamed of himself. He’s turned into a monster and such a disgrace.

  8. This is like getting close to an org-sm and it just never quite happens. Ugh. I wanted her to demolish Kanye. But I guess I understand why she didn’t.

  9. You know who won over here AMBER because Kanye just confirmed what started all this and made Khloe Look stupid as hell for going after Amber in the first place. Amber just take the high road! As much as the Kardashians are winning in the money department you are winning in gathering new fans! A lot of folks don’t like the K clan. Money is nothing without Happiness and clearly this family isnt with their fake ways

    Ps; if Khloe was so pressed about her lil sister how come she didn’t go after DRAKE? They thought Amber wouldn’t come back for them because of Kanye

  10. For those of you disappointed in Amber’s reply, you have to remember she really did care for Kanye. So it’s not realistic for her to get on Twitter and trash him. But trust that these tweets will mean more to Kanye when his marriage to Kim is over and his career has hit rock bottom. He got on the radio and dragged the one person who really does care for him. Kim will never love anyone because money and fame are more important to her.

  11. UB, I pray you’re going to update this with the that Amber just spilled across the airwaves. Kanye cheated? And he hit her up just before the wedding? WTF! Oooh, somebody just pulled Amber’s tail, and MUVA coming out swinging!

    1. Sorry girl. Those tweets were from a fake account. I got hype too and until I saw it wasn’t verified and the account wasn’t real.

  12. Amber played herself. She did all this in the name of Chyna and being jealous of Kim, and now she’s been embarrassed by both of the men she loved. I wonder if it was worth it now?

  13. She’s dumb. She should have just tweeted those youtube clips of Ye crying over her during his show in Philly. That would have shut all this sh-t down.

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