Kanye Talks Beyonce & Kim’s Rumored Feud, Disses Amber + Confirms Tyga & Kylie’s Relationship (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning and he had plenty to say. Here are the highlights of the interview.

On seemingly placing higher value on the Grammys than the BET Awards:

“That’s why we need support the people that support us. And it’s not just particularly a black thing. We always says..this black show…this that…it just needs to be…it’s just going to be a while. I don’t have the answers to change the voting system. I don’t have the answers to change how to make it where everyone is honored in the proper way. And sometimes it’s two people who should win.

“I think it could be a class thing too because it carries more weight if you win a Grammy than if you win a BET award…says society.”


On why he defends Beyonce more than his own wife:

“I think Beyonce is a great representation of an artist working hard and trying her best and getting the results from it. Let’s say Beyonce’s previous album wasn’t well received as this new one. She got low like how I got low on my new album and delivered something that everybody loved. And In America we have to respect greatness when we see it. And we can’t smack it in the face at the cost of votes splitting and at the cost of blowing up somebody who can sell some t-shirts.

“People look at Beyonce because she’s rich, respect to Hov, she’s a beautiful woman, she’s talented…so they figure she’s got everything. So you (Beyonce) don’t even need nothing else. But I think she needs the proper accolades because she’s an inspiration.

“It’s funny because Taylor (Swift) was talking to me about this. She was saying that when she was the victim she was getting every award. But now that’s she’s powerful and the biggest selling artist, now she’s not winning awards anymore because they’re like, ‘What do you need?'”


He also defended Kim’s constant need to get naked for magazines:

“Grace Jones’ figure…physique was as new and different as Kim’s physique was. Our position of power…we’re not going to accept the physique that was given to us.

“My daughter has a chance of being shaped like her mom so between this age to that age I’m going to be fighting to be considered the highest of class. Well not the highest but be considered equal to the skinny model.

“Her (Kim) power is in her body…in her nudity…her mind, her family. She’s going to create a legacy. She can get naked if she wants to.”


When asked if he felt compelled to reach out to Amber Rose for taking shots at Kim recently, he says (he also denies Kim sent him any nudes while he was with Amber):

“She’s just sulking in the moment. Nobody feels compelled to do anything. If Kim had dated me when I first wanted to be with her, there wouldn’t be a Amber Rose.

“By the way, it’s very hard for a woman to wanna be with someone who is with Amber Rose so she wasn’t sending nothing. I had to take like 30 showers before I got with Kim.”


Kanye also mistakenly confirmed Tyga is dating Kylie (interestingly enough, Tyga seemingly confirmed it this morning on Instagram after Kanye’s interview):

“I think he got in early. I think he was smart. They closer in age than I lot of relationships I know. I knew Tyga was smart.”

tyga instagramtyga instagram 2


On rumors of Kim and Beyonce not getting along:

“They love each other. They respect each other. When Beyonce’s working on albums she has like pictures of Kim on the wall because Kim represents powerful women. Kim be playing what’s the song? ‘I Know You Care.’ Yeah 7/11. Playing the video…playing it for our daughter. They definitely respect each other. Maybe there’s a LeBron James, Kobe element to it (laughs).”


He then confirms Beyonce has numerous women on her inspirational wall when she records…not just Kim.

Other tidbits:

He says he didn’t speak out about Mike Brown because his father (who is also a former black panther) told him not to.

He plans to release his new album soon and he will pull a Beyonce and not announce a release date.

He was supposed to record an album with Drake and hopes it will still happen.

He says his new album will be happier than the last one.

His reconciliation with Dame Dash has not ruined his friendship with Jay Z.


Check out the interview below:


UPDATE: Looks like the Breakfast Club edited out some of Kanye’s comments on Kylie and Tyga. Apparently they removed the part in which he says the couple is “in love.”


  1. So does Tyga think his under aged girlfriend is beautiful when her lips are not drawn on and she’s not buried in makeup? She really looks just like her dad in a wig when she’s not katfishing.

  2. I heard the interview this morning and rolled my eyes the entire time. Kanye tries to come off as so intelligent and he sounds like an idiot. Oh and let’s be clear, I don’t believe Beyonce would actually have a picture of Kim on her inspiration wall. That’s ridiculous.

  3. How the f-ck is Kim any better than Amber? This is what I’m not understanding because Khloe alluded to the same thing. Kim has literally f-cked any rapper and professional athlete willing to give her plastic a-s the time of day. I mean she f-cked Bow Wow for crying out loud. And this was while Amber was just in Philly stripping. Does Kim get a pass because she’s white? That b-tch has looser p-ssy than 95% of the female population but she is considered classier than Amber because she has no black in her blood? A hoe is still a f-cking hoe.

    1. Kim believes being white automatically makes her better. That’s why I laugh at her black fans and black female friends. Even if they are talented singers/actresses, she really thinks she is better than them. Just because she’s white.

  4. Kanye was nowhere near Bey when she recorded her last album. And when she recorded 4, Kanye wasn’t with Kim. So what wall is he referring to?

    1. He’s lying. He doesn’t like Beyonce and he really wants to take her down as many pegs as he can while rising up Kim’s stock with Bey’s name. I don’t know why people don’t see this.

  5. Kanye so lame…I get defending ur wife but she’s not better than Amber by no means if anything they neck and neck. Now you wanna interject urself in female drama cause you have position of power so to speak.

  6. Kobe and LeBron? Kanye is such a damn fool. He really thinks his porn star wife is in the same lane as those who have actual talent. Yet he trashed Amber like she’s garbage when Amber is literally on the same level as Kim. His love for white women is so sad. And I don’t think for a second Bey is inspired by his trash of a wife. She didn’t even go to their overhyped wedding. That is why I will never believe they are friends.

  7. for kanye to address this, Amber’s comments must have really hit the k brand. . I nearly died at the rubbish kanye spewed kim inspires beyonce?? I can bet that beyonce will start to distance herself from them now.. The k brand is a sinking ship kris j is the captain…

  8. I see Khloe and the rest of the Kartrashians had to call on Kanye to take down Amber because they couldn’t do it themselves. Lol!! Amber scores even more points.

  9. Kanye is too far gone. It’s really sad to see because he’s everything he used to be against on his first two albums.

  10. How will North have the same physique as Kim when she grows up when Kim paid for hers? Kanye talks like the pictures of Kim’s flat a-s and small t-ts aren’t on Google. She had no curves before the surgery. She had the body of the typical white woman. She didn’t invent sh-t.

  11. I’m watching the interview now and Kanye needs his a-s kicked. He truly disgusts me him and has the nerve to talk about Amber Rose being nasty but your wife was f-cked on camera.Then he condoning a underage relationship that started when the minor was 16. When that family starts to pimp out his daughter I don’t want to hear sh-t from him.

  12. There’s so much delusion going on with Kanye. I really wish Bey and Rihanna would cut him off. He’s bad for their brands.

    1. Rihanna is known for not giving a f-ck so she’s good regardless. Bey stands to lose more but the Hive loves her so much that she is kind of untouchable. Every single time she gets bad press, her fans shut it down and still ride for her. So she’s good regardless too. Kanye isn’t hurting anyone but himself.

    1. She can’t! She has a gag order not to bad mouth him. That’s why he is a weak a$@ man for going after her knowing she can’t defend herself!

  13. Kim is such a punk b-tch. The old whore can’t even take on Amber herself. She had to send Khlogre, TMZ and Kanye to fight her battles because she’s such a passive aggressive scary c-nt.

  14. His comment about Tyga and Kylie is so disturbing and gross. So would he say the same thing if some grown man showed interest in North when she turns 17? I doubt he would.

    1. Well he looks at Kim and North as sexual objects so I’m assuming he wouldn’t care if North got with a 25 year old at age 16/17. I mean he’s already talking about what kind of body North will have when she grows up and him and Kim had North in a lace outfit for fashion week. So…yeah. She’ll be just like Kim and her aunts when she grows up unfortunately.

  15. This made me feel so bad for Amber. Kanye acting like he forgot how Kim became famous. How many men did Kim had to wash off her c**ch before you slept with her, Kanye?

  16. Why is he talking about what kind of body North will have? She’s just a baby. And does he not know Kim had tons of plastic surgery to have the physique she has?

  17. *clears throat* Uh. When did Kim become a powerful woman? How is North going to have the same body as Kim when hers is paid for? His father was a Black Panther yet he wife up a white slut who could care less about the black community. I need answers.

  18. Dude you’re saying you had to take 30 showers after Amber because she’s so slutty but Ray J took a golden shower on your wife’s face. GTFOH.

  19. We can all go on YouTube right now and watch Kanye crying on stage over Amber. Him and that damn family like to try to erase the past when it’s convenient for them.

  20. Kim was peed on by Ray J! How much penicillin did he take after those f-cking golden showers. B-tcha-s negro! Like he and his porn star wife, and her slopping p-ss got room to talk about Amber!

  21. There’s multiple videos of Bey in the studio recording and she has nothing on the walls. Why is Kanye lying? If he loves Kim so much why does he need to the public and celebs to validate her so badly?

  22. I hope Beyonce stans can see this man doesn’t really like Beyonce. He’s only using her to prop up his trashy wife and to stay relevant. He does not care about Beyonce. He really wants to ruin her and for him and Kim to become a bigger power couple than her and Jay-Z. Pay attention.

  23. So when did Kim get standards? She’s f-cked Ray J, Bow Wow and plenty more losers so I doubt she had her nose up in the air over Amber.

  24. So he okayed pedophilia, white privilege, and actually dragged the woman he dated for two years. I will never support Kanye again. I’ll reserve my coins for better human beings.

  25. Kanye dedicated a whole album to Amber and was still rapping about her when he first got with Kim. But now she’s trash? I don’t think so.

  26. And there would be no Kim Kardashian if it weren’t for Ray J… Kanye sounds like a fool. His wife is no better than Amber Rose but just thinks she is. I hope Amber let loose now.

  27. Now I love me some Bey but she needs to speak up right now about this bullsh-t. This man is single handedly trying to make her look crazy and she always says nothing. It’s time to speak up Beyonce. Taking the high road and being silent isn’t always what’s best.

  28. My guy friend just said he would take Amber over Kim any day because Amber seems like that chick that will ride and die for you even when the money runs dry!

    And he also broke it down for me from a male perspective that Kanye is definitely In love with the idea of being a power couple than actually really being in love with Kim. Amber hurt him by ending things with him. That killed his Kanye ego!

  29. Kanye’s amber shower comment was a big LOL. That is white privelage and white supremacy at its best. What was that comment suppose to mean? That Amber is some how more dirty or slutty than Kim? That Kim is so much better than Amber? I’m sorry but isn’t Kim’s track record more impressive than Amber’s. I mean we can link Kim to atleast 10 famous people. And that is just the famous ones that we know of. Didnt both of them get famous by f-cking(kim-reggie & amber kanye)? So how is Amber a whore and Kim isnt? Cause truth be told they basically did/do the same thing except Amber owns up to her whoring ways? And kim(and the entire kardashian klan)act like their so high and mighty and better than everyone else. But i guess they get to do that cause they are the right shade.

  30. In love? Is that what we’re calling pedophiles snatching up children? And honestly Kylie has whore blood flowing in her veins. When she turns 18 she’ll probably dump Tyga for Drake.

  31. Ok we have proof now that Tyga is dating a child. Where are the police? CPS? CPS went after Will and Jada when Willow was with that grown shirtless man on IG. Why are the Kardashians/Tyga not being investigated?

  32. Kris should be so proud. She raised a porn star and now she’s managed to pimp out every single one of her kids. She’ll even sell them off to pedophiles.

  33. So was this interview supposed to be damage control because in the end it only caused more damage and confirmed what Amber said. So she won yet again. The K’s really have gotten sloppy with their plots now.

  34. In love huh this is some sick sh-t. I don’t know why I’m shocked but a part of me is just flabbergasted that they are really letting this child mess around with a grown man so openly. Every time I think they can’t get any lower they go down a level.

  35. So now Khloe’s a-s looks even more stupid for trying to defend something that he brother-in-law just confirmed. She really should’ve kept that snatch she calls a mouth shut.

    Donda must be rolling in her grave to see what’s become of her son. Gay, married to a white slut, ruled by her puppet mother, condoning pedophilia, and about ready to pimp his own toddler out! F-cking shame!

  36. The K’s need to go back to the drawing board. Calling Amber a hoe and a bad mother isn’t sticking because the same can be said about Kim. We all can see how terrible she is with North and her body count can be found out of rappers mouths and on Google. So she just needs to stop and let Amber be.

  37. No this c–n did not. How quickly he’s forgotten his wife has a body count worse than Amber’s. Hoe probably doesn’t have walls anymore but he wants to talk about his ex. Negropean please.

  38. Didn’t Bruce just kill somebody? They should be more concerned with that instead of who is calling Kim a slut (which she is).

  39. I don’t really understand how this man can go in so hard on Amber when his wife was peed on. He’s literally married to a human urinal. Besides, it’s against man law to embarrass your ex on some petty sh-t. Men don’t get involved in cat fights.

  40. Kim f-cked Ray J without a condom while she was married to her first husband. And he peed on her too. So is Kanye bathing 30 times a day now?

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