Chris Brown Says Rihanna Can’t Do Better Than Him & Explains Why He Thinks Marriage is Outdated

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown took time from his tour with Trey Songz and Tyga to stop by the Breakfast Club this morning, and he opened up about Rihanna, Karrueche, Drake and even talked about Tyga’s controversial relationship with Kylie Jenner.

Here are the highlights of the interview.

On why he and Karrueche are constantly breaking up and getting back together, he says:

“I’m impulsive, like I said I don’t have a filter. So a lot of the times, whether it’s an issue in the relationship or whatever, whether it’s both parties…her or me…we don’t know how to communicate sometimes. To be able to…’hey let’s talk about this before we say some sh*t.’ And then we back together the next week and then you giving everyone else the option to depict our relationship and base their own opinions on how we live our lives.”

Chris also says he doesn’t have a problem with Kanye rapping about him and Karrueche and he does believe that Karrueche and Rihanna can’t do better than him when it comes to dating:

“In any situation when you look at yourself in a certain light…cocky or not…I think there’s no where else to go. Like even with old girl (Rihanna)…the first one…who else she gon’ go to?”

When Angela Yee mentions that tabloids are reporting Rihanna may be dating Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris takes a shot at Drake:

“That’s a good choice but who else in this game she gon’ go to? Some corny singing rapper?”

When asked if he still talks to Rihanna, Chris says:

“Nah, we just cordial. I respect her space, she respects mine.”

On  Tyga and Kylie’s relationship, Chris seems to think the relationship has helped Tyga’s career due to relevancy:

“Whatever decision my man wanna make, I’ma rock with him. I ain’t gon’ fight none of his battles, but it’s just like whatever decision you make…you know we see eye to eye on a lot of things. I just be like, ‘If you were dating some little weak chick, you wouldn’t be talked about. ‘You’d be like Tyga?’ But because of this news, just take it for what it’s worth. If they saying some negative stuff, just rock with it.”

Chris also still feels like marriage isn’t for him, but he does want kids:

“I’m still too young for that. I can deal with babies. That’s different. I don’t follow the certain formula.

“I’m cool having a baby. I’m not cool with giving you half of what I’ve earned all my life. Prenups all that, it’s cool. I just think marriage…in our generation marriage has been distorted to our generation of people because it hasn’t worked. The older generations….it worked.”

He also wanted to set the record straight and says that he and Karrueche had “3-somes” in the beginning of their relationship and they are past that now:

“That was early. That was early days.”


Other tidbits:

Chris says he and Drake did try to squash things but they are no longer cool. He thinks it’s because Drake is jealous of him and sees him as competition musically and over Rihanna.

He doesn’t have a problem with Jay Z and Jay never tried to block his career. And when they see each other, they are cordial.

He feels like right now the music industry is very prejudice, and only white artists are able to make Top 40 radio.

His next solo album will include a wide range of genres.

He’s tired of other artists coming for him over the Rihanna situation.

He respects Kanye because he says all the things black artists are afraid to say. He agrees that the Grammys aren’t fair to black artists. He also says they have gotten closer in the last couple of months.

Check out the interview below:


  1. He has to talk about Rihanna in every single one of his interviews, yet she says nothing about him and his clingy girlfriend in hers. That’s how you know Rihanna is the only real star in the situation.

  2. Chris Brown is a punk-a-s, ignorant, mentally unstable, little slug, and as much as I abhor Karrueche what he said about her was distasteful, and disrespectful to the extreme. But if her gold-digging a-s wanna stay and be clowned in the media….have at it.

    Chris will NEVER do better than Ri! He downgraded to a styling assistant and threesomes, while Ri moved up and one to better in life. Why this negro thinks he’s the best she can do is beyond me…with his bipolar, schizophrenic a-s!

  3. Oh shut up Chris Brown any man that is faithful, respectful and doesn’t exhibit bipolar tendencies is an upgrade to you sir. I can’t stand guys who think that because they are rich and popular that makes you a catch I would take a man who will treat me right over a popular rich douchebag. And add his dumba-s to the list who is condoning an underage relationship smh it’s disgusting.

  4. Karrueche’s doormat activities have him confused. Not all women think you’re the best they can do Chris. Rihanna actually knew better so she bounced. Get over yourself.

  5. Every time he opens up his mouth or responds to someone on Instagram, he proves his critics are spot on. He’s just not likable person. It’s sad because he has so much talent.

  6. Marriage isn’t outdated, it just these young people are so f-cking spoiled that they are too selfish to last in any marriage. So I agree with him. I think his generation shouldn’t get married either. They aren’t cut out for it.

  7. He’s salty that Drake has dated Rihanna and messed around with Karrueche. He keeps saying he’s better than Drake but that’s not what the stats say. Drake’s mixtape went gold in like two days. If anyone is jealous, it’s Chris. And Drake trolls him because he knows he will react. LOL.

  8. He keeps saying dudes are jealous because he keeps getting number one hits. Umm number one on what chart Chris because it’s not the Billboard Hot 100. No shade. I’m just trying to understand why he’s being so arrogant.

  9. I don’t think this interview did him any favors. And why does he have to keep talking about Rihanna now when they have been broken up for years now?

  10. All he has to offer any woman is money and a hard d-ck. He’s not hard to top, really. Especially for a woman who has money and fame too. I’m sure Rihanna is somewhere laughing at this.

  11. Well nothing is more outdated than him talking about Rihanna and constantly comparing himself to Michael Jackson. I’m sleep doe.

  12. I gave Chris more credit for intelligence I was wrong. He’s starting to embarrass himself he should focus on himself and his issues around him being hoeish. He should not talk he latched on to kimchee because he couldn’t do better than Rihanna.
    To me they both miss each other I know this Chris marry kimchee he a damn fool lol

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