First Week Album Sales Projections Released for Chris Brown & Tyga + Big Sean

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown hopped on Twitter after he got plenty of backlash for comments he made about Rihanna and Drake in an interview, and the singer told his followers that he’s done discussing both and he’s only going to focus on his music from now on.

Too bad the first week album sales projections are now in because Chris and Tyga’s numbers aren’t looking so good.

Big Sean on the other hand is expected to have a great first week.

Hits Daily Double writes:

Big Sean should easily take the #1 spot on our SPS chart next week. Here are this week’s key releases:

Big Sean (Def Jam) 140-150k SPS, 120-130k sales.
Kid Rock (Warner Bros.) 125-130k SPS, 120-125k sales
Chris Brown & Tyga (RCA) 70-75k SPS, 50-55k sales
Led Zeppelin (Swan Song/WMG) 35-37k SPS, 34-36k sales
Red (Provident) 35-37k SPS, 34-36k sales
Mat Kearney (Republic) 28-30k SPS, 27-29k sales


If Big Sean’s projections stand firm, he should nab his first number one album and his largest first week sales to date.


    1. SPS means streaming plus sales. For example, if you add streaming, Chris and Tyga “sold” 70-75k. But if you’re talking about sales and not including streaming, they only sold about 50-55k.

  1. I told y’all him and Tyga were going to flop. Chris and Tyga have both been in the news all day long over the Kylie/Rihanna/Drake stuff and they still couldn’t sell at least 100k the first week. We’ve been talking less about Big Sean and he will be number one. That’s why they say all press isn’t good press. People will blog about you all day and still not buy your music.

    1. See that’s a good point. I mean as much as we have been talking about Chris and Tyga, why didn’t they sell more? Interesting.

    2. That’s it though. People don’t understand it takes more to sell albums than having people talking about you. It really takes good music and a loyal fan base. Tyga doesn’t have either, and Chris lost a lot of fans in the last few weeks because he keeps cursing them out on IG every time they are honest with him about his behavior.

  2. Karma!!! See it doesn’t pay to be a nasty, disrespectful person. And I still can’t figure out why Chris hates Drake so much. Drake tried to bury the hatchet and even let him do that skit on the ESPY’s. Which he didn’t have to do. SMH

  3. Great for Big Sean (I heard the album is very good) but this is terrible for Chris. He’s selling less and less with each release. He’s going to have to rethink some things. Tyga is finished because he’s a pedophile and contrary to belief, that’s not sitting well with most people.

  4. Not surprised and to think Chris was talking like he is on the same level as Drake. Drake almost 500,000 off of a mixtape >>>>> Chris Brown 50,000 lol.

    1. Not almost, it did sell 500k and it’s only been out what a week. Drake has to be sitting back laughing at these clowns trying to come for him. I know I am LMAO!

  5. Serve both their trifling a-ses right. I’m a fan of neither, but when Chris is going to hop on IG and clown his loyal fans for daring to question why he didn’t know Canada would’ve refused him entry long before the tour was announced….especially since it happened before. Then he deserves every bit of karma headed his way.

    Add the fact that he’s trying to stir up album sales off Rih and Drucilla drama, and I’m good!

    1. I knew the Stan’s would try to blame Tyga for all this. I KNEW IT. Chris’s albums don’t do huge numbers and his career has been steadily declining lately. So why blame Tyga? Tyga has turned so many off with his pedo relationship and by trying to take shots at Drake. People just aren’t feeling Chris and Tyga right now.

  6. The only good song Chris has with Tyga is Deuces and I believe most of that song was written by Eva’s ex Kevin McCall. Chris is going to have to put his pride to the side and 1) Get some help 2) Log off social media 3) Hire some real song writers again. No one wants to hear him calling women b-tches and hoes and singing about weaves and real hair. He’s going to get dropped from his label if he keeps flopping.

  7. This needs to be a wake up call for Chris and Tyga. They aren’t as hot as they think they are. Being messy won’t help you sell albums.

  8. I may be in the minority, but I never thought Chris and Tyga’s album would do well. Neither seem to have enough people to like them enough to support them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the tour is doing well because of Trey Songz. I know his fan base is dedicated.

  9. Kris is about to call an emergency meeting with Kylie right now to convince her fast a-s to start looking into replacing Tyga with Drake.

  10. R&B is just terrible right now. As long as Chris tries to be hood in his music, he will keep flopping. The R&B thug movement has gotten old. I can’t wait for Miguel to come back.

    1. Yass! I love me some Miguel. I hope Jussie Smollett actually come out with an album one day. I downloaded some of the songs from Empire and he truly made me appreciate R&B. I miss how it used to be.

  11. There’s really no way to spin this. Chris and Tyga should have sold a lot more albums considering how much they’ve been talked about on the blogs. And the fact that Big Sean just got his highest first week sales ever and we hardly ever hear about him like that has to burn them even more. He’s in the least amount of controversy and sold more than two of the most controversial people in music right now.

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