Naya Rivera Uses Pregnancy Announcement to Shade Big Sean?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Naya Rivera and Big Sean’s engagement went sour a little before their wedding date, and sources close to Naya claim things went south because the rapper cheated.

Big Sean told the media things ended because Naya had some terrible anger and jealousy issues, and both have since moved on to new relationships.

Naya married Ryan Dorsey reportedly on the day she was supposed to marry Big Sean, and Big Sean is dating Pop star Ariana Grande.

Interestingly enough, some suspect Naya’s pregnancy announcement may be a little on the shady side since she made the announcement the same day Big Sean’s new studio album ,”Dark Sky Paradise,” was released:

naya rivera instagram

Shade or coincidence?


  1. She’s nutty. I know Big Sean did some things to cause them to have problems but she really is validating those crazy accusations. You’re married so move on and stop being petty.

    1. And that means both of them still aren’t over each other. If you’re over your ex, you won’t be out here trying to throw shade and be messy.

  2. I ain’t surprised because she isn’t over Sean she married the rebound guy (who is cute by the way)and now she having a baby this marriage doesn’t have chance in hell.

  3. I think Big Sean is practically the male version of Naya. Both of them look at relationships as a means of publicity and getting even with people they dated before. He got with Ariana pretty fast and when he got with Naya, they made that song taking shots at all his exes. They’re one in the same in my book. Naya is just a little bit more extreme.

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