Rihanna & Kanye to Tour Together?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna’s new single “FourFiveSeconds” continues to move up on the charts, and now sources seem to think she could be hitting the road with Kanye in an upcoming joint tour.

Rolling Stones writes:

Through a fluke, a joint concert between Kanye West and Rihanna seems to have been confirmed. Live Nation in Finland recently posted a show billed to “Kanye & Rihanna,” set to take place on July 25th in Tallinn, Estonia; the on-sale date was listed as March 5th. A user on the Kanye to The message board spotted the posting, which has since been removed, though Consequence of Sound has posted a screen shot of the listing.

Spokespeople for West, Rihanna and Live Nation did not immediately reply to requests for comment, and no information on that other dates has surfaced. It’s safe to assume, though, that the pair would be planning more than a one-off in Tallinn.


Kanye is also the Executive Producer of Rihanna’s highly anticipated upcoming studio album.


  1. Kanye has to attach himself to Beyonce and Rihanna to survive now. He’s lost a lot of fans. I hate that he uses them.

    1. Kanye is in trouble right now. His last album never went platinum and because it didn’t, all the marketing money used for it wasn’t made back. He has to get it right with this next album if he doesn’t want to be reduced to being Kanye Kardashian.

    2. Well both of them allow themselves to be used. They need to cut him off but they won’t because both Bey and Rih are very loyal.

  2. I see Roc Nation is following a certain formula now. Surprise/no release date albums, joint hits, followed by joint tours. This will be successful because Rihanna’s fan base is very loyal. And Kanye still has some die hard fans who will spend money to see him. This will be big.

  3. Yeah I heard about this and I’m still hoping this isn’t true. I’m not really feeling Kanye these days.

  4. Now watch Kanye and his people and act like the tour is a success because of him when it will be the navy buying all the tickets and showing up smh.

  5. I’m not feeling Kanye on that song or in general right now, so I’m on the fence with this news.

    But did anyone else hear that song that she dropped today? It’s actually really good! First time I’ve heard her falsetto in a long, long time.

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