Actress Sheryl Lee Ralph Comes for Amber Rose

Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Amber Rose made headlines because a woman claimed in court recently that she gave her butt injections to help her secure her nice shape, and she also claimed she was supposed to do the same for Nicki Minaj but the rapper allegedly cancelled in the last minute.

Amber hasn’t addressed the accusations and neither has Nicki, but it appears actress Sheryl Lee Ralph may think there’s some truth to the claims.

She posted the following on Instagram hours ago:

sheryl instagram

sheryl instagram 2


  1. I have a lot of respect for Sheryl but I think this was very unnecessary of her. We really don’t know if that woman was even telling the truth.

  2. For someone who always claims to be so classy, she could have just posted a picture of Sarah Baartman instead to bring awareness to her story. Posting that picture of Amber was petty.

  3. People were actually bigging up Sheryl’s messy a-s on IG. But I asked her where was she when Kim K’s glazed, Krispy Kreme-looking a-s was mocking the same Sarah Baartman in that f-cked spread for Paper Magazine. Where the f-ck was she and her high horse then. I normally like Sheryl, and I kinda get what she was trying to say, but singling out Amber was f-cked up, and trifling.

  4. People are really not using their brains on this. This was Amber before she had the baby. Amber didn’t really get a butt until she had Bash. She even has stretch marks in pap pictures. I don’t think she’s had any work done, just gained weight from having a child. People are doing way too much. Smh.

  5. Honestly, Kim Kardashian is more like Sarah Bartman than Amber is. Amber’s body looks normal for a woman who had a child a couple of years ago. She gained weight but she looks good. Kim is the one who is walking around here with a disgusting looking bottom and she actually paid for it because she wants constant attention. She looks like she belongs in the circus with those skinny legs and diaper booty.

  6. So this is half the story you guys should read the full thing including her response. I know “women” these days live for immaturity, messiness and shade but this is not that.

  7. I agree with her point but she didn’t need to make this about Amber. There’s no proof that Amber actually had any injections. Singling her out like this is what hurts her message.

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