Ludacris & Eudoxie Confirm Pregnancy + Luda’s Baby Mama Makes Moves After Losing Custody

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ludacris shocked many when he quickly married longtime love Eudoxie the same day he popped the question, and some speculated the couple tied the knot fast in order to have some leverage in the rapper’s custody battle with his baby mama Tamika Fuller.

Interestingly enough, the couple confirmed hours ago that they are indeed expecting their first child together:

luda instagramluda instagram 2

In related news, Luda’s baby mama Tamika Fuller is making some strides to reverse the custody decision that resulted in the rapper getting full custody of their daughter. According to TMZ, she now has a full-time job:

According to our sources, Tamika Fuller took losing custody of daughter Cai to Ludacris very hard … and is trying to get her life in order to gear up for an appeal of their custody arrangement.

Step one, we’re told, is Tamika landed a gig in the hospitality industry … and she’s working nights, 40 hours per week to make enough money to support herself and Cai.


  1. So Eudoxie’s gold digging a-s not only has to take care of his side baby, but now she will have two babies to take care of while he’s out finding another Tamika to smash on the side. I know some women want the lifestyle at all costs but she’s dumb as sh-t.

    1. Now you know she will have nannies around to do all the work. She doesn’t even make her own money…

  2. It’s so sad to see these young women be so desperate. So he didn’t feel the need to marry her until she was pregnant? Until he needed her to help him win custody? What a shame.

  3. Eudoxie finally got all she’s been seeking all these years. And it only took sticking around after he got another woman pregnant. LOL.

  4. She’s a gorgeous pregnant chick. Anyway, Tamika may as well hang that ish up. She should have had a 9 to 5 to begin with. She tried to have a baby for cash and her plan failed. But it’s working out great for Eudoxie. :-/

  5. Tameka should’ve had a job for the beginning. Baby Mama-ing ain’t paying like it used to, and these side chick’s need to supplement that income.

    1. so she was purposely not working cause she thought it would get her a bigger check from luda in court. they gon see through this lol

    2. You’re right! These men are slowly but surely becoming a lot smarter when it comes to the baby-mama’ing.

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