Watch: Is Trey Songz Annoyed with Chris Brown & Tour Drama?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Trey Songz, Chris Brown and Tyga’s tour has suffered some complications thanks to Chris’ ongoing legal problems. Before the tour even kicked off, Chris was forced to reschedule a few dates because he didn’t complete all of his community service hours.

Then of course Chris wasn’t even allowed into Canada, so the shows there had to be cancelled.

Fans weren’t happy with the hiccups, but Trey told his followers on Twitter that he isn’t to blame for the tour’s issues.

While Trey Songz has appeared to keep his friendship with Chris steady despite the tour glitches, in a new video he appears a little annoyed with Chris.

In the video, Chris tells Trey to be safe after they dap each other up, and as Chris walks away Trey tells his friends Chris was just putting on a show for the cameras:

A video posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

When people started calling Trey out for seemingly being shady, he tweeted the following:

trey songz twitter


  1. That was suspect and Trey seems annoyed just based off what he’s saying to people on Twitter. But he should have known touring with Chris would come with problems.

  2. Well he is the fool who chose to go on tour with Chris Brown. This is somebody who violates his probation every 5 minutes. I’m sorry but Trey should have thought this thing through better between Chris and that statutory rapist Tyga he was doomed from the beginning.

  3. I watched the video a few times and it does seem really catty for Trey to say Chris was just talking for the cameras when Chris walks away. But I knew this tour would hurt their friendship since they announced it. Trey is a perfectionist and he’s not used to having so many problems on the road. Hopefully they can discuss it like adults and not end up hating each other.

      1. Girl I’ve been lurking. It’s been too hard for me to defend Chris so I rarely comment now. Smh.

        1. Yea girl I feel for you I been jump ship defending Chris he doesn’t deserve your defending. But I hope you keep commenting 😉

          1. Yeah I have to get better and comment more. Nice speaking with you hun! 🙂

    1. Yeah you’re right but adding Chris means arena tours vs theatres. So I guess he had to weigh out his options.

  4. Trey is tired of the bull. I don’t blame him. Chris needs to get his stuff together because his past is messing up his money and friendships.

  5. If you follow Trey on Twitter, you already know he’s been feeling some kind of way. But he’s been keeping it cordial because he is close to Chris. But this tour has been very unprofessional and an embarrassment. I heard they did good in ATL last night though.

  6. I’m sure Trey knew touring with Chris would come with some hiccups, but it seems like the problems that were had should have been checked and double checked pre booking. Sounds like the fault of the promoters. I’ve toured and that stuff you check out before you sell tickets.

  7. Why on earth would he think it would be a good idea to tour with Chris Clown Brown,trouble follows him wherever he goes.I realize they may be friends but this is business baby.

  8. My friend went last night, and said the concert was great. She said she definitely got her money’s worth. It was about 4 hrs long, and she missed Tyga’s part (which was fine, lol). She said they had good chemistry, especially when they did a medley of R Kelly’s songs. They had R come out, Jeezy, B.O.B., T.I., and more that I can’t remember. But I guess you can never tell about behind the scenes, glad they performed well, after all the rescheduling, the fans deserved it.

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