‘Empire’ Co-Creator Says Mo’Nique Was Never Asked to Play Cookie

Photo Credit: Fox
Photo Credit: Fox

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Mo’Nique claimed in an interview that she was asked to portray Cookie on “Empire,” but due to her alleged blacklisting, the role was eventually passed on to Taraji P. Henson.

Interestingly enough, “Empire” co-creator Danny Strong says that’s not the truth.

In a recent radio interview, Danny says:

“We discussed Mo’Nique once very briefly. We never offered her the part. She wasn’t going to be Cookie.”

He also tweeted:

“Mo’Nique is so talented she’d be great in almost anything. But Cookie was always Taraji.”


    1. Yeah she should have sat down a long time ago but they need to stop responding to her as well. Empire is winning right now and that’s all that matters.

      1. And this is the truth. I can’t believe they keep giving Mo’Nique all this attention right now.

    1. But she won’t. She already on Twitter talking bout how the truth is going to come out really soon. I just want her to stop talking. Like right now.

  1. I think we all knew Mo’Nique was lying through her teeth. She’s only doing all this because she has some independent movie she needs to promote and Empire is literally all people are talking about right now.

  2. Mo’Nique doesn’t have what it takes to play Cookie. That’s why I never believed this in the first place.

  3. Monique claims she has emails that prove she is telling the truth if she ain’t releasing them emails so I can read the emails my damn self then she needs to drop it because I’m tired of hearing about this.

    1. I knew she wasn’t going to let this go. This is the most we’ve talked about her in years, she ain’t about to let that end anytime soon. LOL.

  4. I think that this is a puclicity stunt so that it will bring conversation her way so that she can introduce her new movie she produced. I think this is what it is really about. Get them talking about you and all will be intrigued to see the movie she just did.

  5. All of this is coming to bit her in the butt. She should have chilled out when she had a chance. Now she just looks crazy and bitter about Empire’s success. And that irks me because she’s kind of taking shine away from the actual actors who were cast. Very selfish.

  6. And all along Lee could’ve blown her butt up and made her look like a liar – but he didnt. I know they’re a few who thinks he’s a sellout, but his actions during this mess just makes me respect him more.

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