Karrueche Reacts to Chris Brown’s Baby Mama News

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Late last night multiple sites began to report R&B singer Chris Brown recently discovered he’s the father to a 9 month old baby girl, and the news comes just weeks after Chris claimed he feels he is ready for fatherhood, sans marriage.

Chris still hasn’t responded to the reports or even confirmed he’s the child’s father, but his on and off again girlfriend Karrueche Tran took to Twitter to tell her followers this was the last straw:

karrueche twitter

Interestingly enough, a man on Instagram claims he thought he was the baby’s father and learned he wasn’t thanks to the blogs (screenshot obtained by the Jasmine Brand):

chris brown baby drama


  1. I wish her well! Love is a strong emotion and can have the most intelligent person do questionable things and make crazy decisions. Hope her heart heals in the right way. If she is able to leave for good, she’ll give a little to admire. I’m not going to judge her to harshly she’s young and fragile. Thank God Rhi dodge this bullet.

    If this truly is Chris baby. This Nia chick need her head knock of her shoulders for lying to the dude.

  2. She ain’t going no damn where. If she didn’t leave after he dragged her on IG and told the whole world she was down with threesomes, she damn sure ain’t about to leave him now.

  3. Karrueche ain’t going nowhere so she needs to stop fronting. Gabrielle Union and Eudoxie can proudly hand her a membership to the so called “break babies” sorority. I bet Chris about to say him and Karrueche were not together when the baby was conceived.

  4. That baby doesn’t even look like him though. Hell the baby doesn’t even look like this dude either. She looks Mexican to me. I don’t see any black in that child. Sorry. Both of these men are getting played and they need to take a damn DNA test.

    1. The supposed baby daddy just posted a DNA test on IG that says he isn’t the father. Balls in Chris’s court on this one.

    2. See yesterday I thought she did look like Chris but she doesn’t in this picture. Not even a little bit.

  5. She does so much that no one in their right mind would take her seriously. But did Chris seriously not tell her about this child? That’s even a new low for him.

  6. Ironic that Nia is one of Christina Milian’s beasties, and is in a lot of pics with Chris and Kae. SMDH!

    1. LOL! So I was close. I said yesterday this chick would be one of Kae’s friends. So she’s someone in her circle. I’m not surprised.

  7. I doubt this is the end of their pathetic and very toxic “relationship.” Kate believes the mentality Chris mentioned in that interview – that she can’t do better than him.

  8. Christina’s tweet confirms what we all know. Her and Karrueche will NEVER go away no matter what. Nope, not happening. They are determined to get something out of their “relationships” even at the cost of their dignity (if they had any).

  9. Why is Chris so quiet about this? He’s had Twitter rants over things less serious but on this he’s not going to say a word? That’s crazy.

  10. And now when I think about it, this may all be just one big publicity stunt. That baby doesn’t even look like Chris and that album only sold 55k copies. He needs up to talk about him so that flop album can sell.

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