Chris Brown Claps Back at Fans & Critics Amid Baby News

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Days ago it was reported that R&B singer Chris Brown just found out he’s the father to a 9 month old baby girl in Texas, but he hasn’t said a peep about the gossip although Karrueche Tran and his alleged baby mama’s ex-husband have already given their two cents on the situation.

Chris’ silence has frustrated his fans and critics alike, so when they made it clear they were annoyed he hasn’t commented yet but continues to post photos on his Instagram account, he clapped back with the following:

chris brown clap back


    1. It’s interesting how he moved to Cali and now wants to be some thug and gang member like he isn’t a millionaire. Corny as sh-t.

    1. Right??? His fans remind of thousands of Karrueches. Chris abuses them, and they dig in their heels for more. I don’t get it!

      1. Oh trust me. When his bank accounts start going dry he will care about his fans! Mark my words. Life is going to humble him.

  1. He’s once again letting his fans know that they don’t matter and he doesn’t care about them. This is another reason he can’t sell albums anymore.

  2. And he wonders why he keeps flopping. I wouldn’t spend money on his rude a-s either. F-ck him.

  3. He’s right. It’s not our business but he didn’t think it was Karrueche’s business either apparently. LOL.

  4. In 5 years, I’m predicting Chris will be broke and have multiple kids with multiple women. Kudos to those who just knew he would be the next Michael Jackson. Smh.

  5. LMAO he’s all pissy as if the people tweeting him screwed a married garden tool and knocked her up. This little temper tantrum actually made me giggle a little. No one knew this chick or the fact that they screwed around… That being said, if he wanted this to be a private matter it very could have been. Thots talk. And naming her kid Royalty because Chris was the dad should have given him EVERY indication that this wasn’t going to be swept under the rug.

  6. *kicks feet up and continues to eat popcorn* Chris’ constant losing is entertaining to watch. So he’s the one who knocked up a married woman while he was in a relationship, and keeps letting his fans down but he’s the one who’s mad? Typical DOUCHE BAG Chris.

  7. Chris brown is nothing but an arrogant a-s,as basically he is telling all his fans to ***off.He had no quams bout disclosing his & kaes intimate business on social media websites.But yet is very reluctant on admitting whether or not this baby girl is infact his.I think Chris is feeling rather salty,that now everybody knows,that he clearly goes bareback when entertaining groupies.Chris should be glad that he only got a baby out of this, and not some STD..

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