Chris Brown’s Baby Mama’s Ex-Husband Spills the Tea

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As Chris Brown remains silent regarding the reports suggesting he’s the father to a 9 month old baby girl in Texas, everyone else close to the situation continues to speak out.

Apparently Chris Brown’s baby mama Nia Amey was married when she became pregnant.

Her ex husband, Terry Amey, tells Radar Online:

“It ain’t going to take a rocket science to figure that out. I got a divorce because Nia got pregnant by someone else.”

Despite the fact that Nia got pregnant by Chris allegedly while she was married to Terry, he still feels like folks on social media are being too hard on her:

“Social media is saying this and that and that she’s a gold digger. … Nia is not the person who they portray. She has a past, but who don’t have one [sic]. She knew whose that baby was, so that name ‘Royalty’ came [about] because she will be royalty.”

Terry and Nia have a 13-year-old daughter together, so Terry thinks it’s important that he has a sit down with Chris soon:

“We are going to have a sit-down. Terry Amey and Chris Brown are going to have a sit-down because we’re sharing daughters. I never met the man before — the only thing is what I see on TV. I might not be nothing to him because I’m not in music, but I am somebody. We are going to have a talk.”


Terry also claims that he thought he was the father briefly until taking a DNA test.


  1. Funny how some of these black men will defend a thot as long as she has no black blood in her. She actually f-cked Chris raw and got pregnant while she was married to this man, yet he still has on a cape. Pathetic.

    1. Yeah you would think he wouldn’t be so quick to defend her actions considering what she put him through. He comes off like the male version of Karrueche. Very doormat-ish.

  2. Another one looking for media time. He doesn’t have to have a sit down with CB. The only relationship that matters is that of his 13 yr old with her half sister and he doesn’t need to connect with CB for that! That’s his daughter’s mother responsibility! What a mess

  3. So the BM ain’t black? She looks Mexican. I guess he felt better about not wearing a condom with her because she’s not black. Lord forbid he has a child that actually looks like him and his black ancestors.

    1. Black women aren’t missing him. So let’s not turn this into the Chris thinks he’s too good for black women post. We honestly don’t want him. Let the Karrueches and Nias of the world have him. LOL.

      1. Are you sure? Most of his fans are black women and most of the women who defend his sick actions are black. Just being honest.

        1. Y’all say the same crap when it comes to the Kardashians, yet the ratings are terrible and in pictures it’s mostly young white girls showing up to their events/autograph signings. Don’t blame us for Chris Brown. I mean he can’t even sell albums anymore. I don’t think most people are supporting him anymore. He’s just a train wreck we can’t keep our eyes off because his personal life is such a mess. We like talking about his messiness, that’s it.

          1. He without sin cast the first stone. Chris is not the worst person in the world. There’s far more worst people than Chris and all is kept hush-hush. He’s a young black man that became rich at a very young age so plenty mistakes have been made.The women disrespect themselves being loose booty. RiRi is a long ways of being innocent because she was part of the problem. Look at how she sloot around not even respecting herself with no morals. So I’m sure we all have done some not so pleasant things in our life. God looks at the heart of man and we all have demons that we face just call on Jesus and He will work it out.So you have no authority to judge Chris.

        2. There was little white girl on IG threatening to kill herself because Chris blocked her. Cut it out.

  4. I’m getting sociopath teas from Chris. Dude beat the breaks of Rihanna and left her in the car on the side of the road alone to suffer, cheated on Kae multiple times but still slut shamed her on IG for having threesomes at his request, and he got this married woman pregnant despite her being friends with Kae’s friends because he didn’t care about her marriage or Kae’s feelings. He really has no remorse for any of the foul things he does and doesn’t care who he hurts. Damn.

  5. So I guess when Chris made a song about hoes not being loyal, he was really talking about himself.

  6. The comments here seem to be a little hypocritical…..why so much anger towards multiracial women? I understand the point you are trying to prove but I feel like multiracial women on here are being talked about the way black women don’t want to be talked about. Multiracial women didn’t choose to be multiracial, just like black women didn’t choose to be black. The anger is being directed to the wrong source, the real problem is CHRIS who seems to think one is better than the other. That is his (wrong) opinion, not at the hands of multiracial women.

    1. Point me to the comment on here that disrespected multiracial women. From what I’ve read, I and others have called out Chris for his preference against his own people. The anger is being directed to Chris and we don’t give him a pass on here. So stop being dramatic and sensitive. Stay on topic. Thanks.

  7. Too many youngins are running around here sleeping around without protection. Why do they think they are so invincible?

  8. The fact that this woman didn’t even know who the father was for most of the child’s life says everything about her lack of character. It took two failed DNA tests for her to figure out Chris is the father and she was married at the time. There’s a lot of women who deserve defending, but she damn sure doesn’t.

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