Tina Campbell Says She’s Not a Doormat for Taking Cheating Husband Back

Photo Credit: WEtv
Photo Credit: WEtv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Mary Mary” is back for a fourth season, and last season the reality show left off on Tina Campbell struggling to get past the fact that her husband Teddy cheated on her multiple times.

Tina eventually decided she wanted to give Teddy another chance, but she wants fans to understand doing so doesn’t make her a doormat.

She tells Coco Fab:

“I ain’t telling nobody to be a doormat and I ain’t encouraging nobody to get done wrong and take it. The truth is I didn’t take nothin’. I wasn’t a dumb, silly woman who knew my husband was messing around and wanted to love him anyway and act like everything was great. I was totally blind sighted by everything that was going on and I never in a million years would have thought that would actually happen in my relationship.

“At the end of the day I love my husband and I believe him to be better than what he did to me. I’m no doormat. I put my husband through hell the first year after this happened and guess what? I didn’t like hurting him because I love him. My head told me to hurt him but my heart didn’t. Whoever thinks it’s stupid, I don’t care what they think. I just wanted to be free and I’m free now. I’m happy now.

“I don’t believe you throw somebody away because they made a mistake. Sometimes, the mistake catapults them to be the best version of themselves. I’m a better woman than I was before all of this happened. Why would I stay angry, bitter and fearful? I chose to forgive and let it go and I don’t believe that it will ever happen again.”


  1. I don’t get when women do this. Your man cheats, you take him back, then you become pressed about what people think about YOUR decision. I mean why? You’re the one who has to live with the choice. Worry about what you feel.

  2. I guess she wants to hear she did the right thing. Well not everyone is going to feel that way. But it’s her life, so whatever makes her happy.

  3. I still think she’s naive. He cheated multiple times with multiple women. I don’t think he’s going to ever straighten up on a serious level.

  4. But didn’t he cheat on her multiple times though. I’m sorry but when a man is in his 40’s and is still cheating I highly doubt he will change but whatever.

  5. Whatever helps you sleep at night Tina. I hope you’re this belligerent when it happens again, as we all know it will.

  6. I believe she knew he was cheating. She probably one of those people who sees her man doing funny shyt and ignores it -_-. How many years y’all been together? You mean to tell me there was zero red flags. i’m not buying it!

  7. I don’t knock her decision to take him back, but I am displeased with her statement. I get that she’s been on reality TV or whatever, but personal decisions should stay personal. At a certain age you even get to a point where you don’t explain decisions to FRIENDS/FAMILY, so I have no clue why these people choose to do so to strangers… Do you, be you, and be happy.

  8. I watched their show and I even knew he was cheating just by a conversation they had so she’s a damn lie if she says she didn’t know he was cheating. That’s why she felt the need to be home with him all the time and caused the group to lose money on shows and events because she know he’s a ho. We all know when a man is cheating. Carry on Tina!

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