Chris Brown Gets Even with His Baby Mama?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown still isn’t saying much when it comes to the world learning he may possibly be the father to a 9 month old girl in Texas, but now gossip suggests that may be because he’s planning to get even with her in the courts.

According to TMZ, Chris and his baby mama Nia had an agreement to keep the whole situation quiet, as long as he forked over the cash for his daughter each month. But now that the secret is out, he wants to take Nia to court and pay less through child support payments.

The site reports:

Sources connected with Brown tell TMZ … the singer didn’t know he was the father of 9-month-old Royalty until last month, when Nia Guzman dropped the news. We’re told Chris quickly made a deal with her where he would pay monthly child support.

Our sources say Chris is forking out substantially more than he’d be required to pay if a judge ordered formal child support. There’s a scale on how much a parent pays, based largely on income. We’re told Chris upped that amount and in return demanded that she keep her lips sealed.

We know Chris now believes Nia has been leaking stories and talking about their relationship. As a result, our sources say his lawyers are now preparing legal docs, in which he will ask a judge for an order requiring him to pay child support. It sounds strange, but he’ll pay less than he does now.


  1. Well damn she should have kept her mouth shut. And ain’t she out in Texas? Texas is a baby daddy friendly state. She won’t get much out of him if he does this. #WhenKeepingItRealGoesWrong

  2. So he didn’t find out he was the father until last month?!? What the hell is wrong with this woman the child is almost one. I would feel sorry for Chris but I don’t this is what he gets for f-cking everything with a coochie that’s moving oh well sucks for him.

  3. He’s being really vindictive. Was he really trying to keep his own child a secret? That’s sad.

  4. LOL. I’m sure she was cool with being quiet until he decided to get on the Breakfast Club and say he was ready to become a father one day as if he doesn’t already have a child packed away in Texas. He brought this on himself.

    1. I think that’s what it was too. She got mad because he was talking about how he wanted kids one day and a son first like he doesn’t have a daughter already.

  5. Damn. All she had to do was shut the f-ck up and she could have stayed paid. Now she will only get a few thousand a month when I’m sure he was giving her at least twice that.

  6. He’s always mad at someone else when he’s the one who keep doing dumb ish that gets him caught up. She didn’t hold a gun to his head and make him sleep with her unprotected.

  7. To me it seems like he didn’t plan on being in the child’s life. He just wanted to send money and keep it all quiet like she doesn’t exist. And now that everyone knows, it forces him to actually be a father now. SMDH.

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