Chris Brown’s Mom Subliminally Tweets Karrueche Amid Baby News?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown’s mom Joyce Hawkins loves to tweet Team Breezy inspirational tweets, but every now and again she also puts people in their place if she feels they are coming for her son.

While she hasn’t said much amid news of Chris being the father to a 9 month old baby girl in Texas, some suspect her latest tweets may be subliminals to Karrueche Tran.

As you already know, Karrueche declared she was leaving Chris on Twitter after the baby news went viral.

Momma Breezy tweets (read from bottom to top):

joyce hawkins twitter


  1. Def about Kae. She really thinks Chris is never wrong and always blames other people for his bad choices. She’s the reason he’s the way he is. Sad man.

  2. I wish this woman would delete her Twitter account. All she does is enable Chris. He should have done the right thing and kept it in his pants. The fact that she isn’t checking him about sleeping with random women without protection is troublesome.

  3. She also tried to blame Rihanna for what he did to her too. I bet she blamed herself when her own son threw dishes at her in a hotel and a rock through her car window. This woman is a disgrace.

  4. Wasn’t Joyce in an abusive relationship when Chris was little? And that relationship is the main reason Chris is the way he is now. She really thinks women should stick around and put up with physical and emotional abuse. I know we keep saying Chris needs therapy, but so does she. Karrueche did the right thing by leaving.

  5. Smh, She probably feel she should still be in the abusive relationship she was in when Chris was younger.Her ex probably left her. Dumb twit. After all, that relationship is the blame for Chris behavior therefore this is all her fault.

  6. This is more of the same for her. She is the one who has Chris out here thinking it’s not his fault he’s had all the problems he’s had in life. I wouldn’t be surprised if she felt like Rihanna caused the assault that night. She has some deep seated issues.

  7. I dislike mothers who enable their sons and don’t call them out on their bs. Chris will never treat a woman right until his mother cuts the cord and he gets off the tit. I wish some women would stop treating their sons like they are their husbands.

  8. I wish this old bird would stop tweeting this dumb sh-t every single day. Instead of trying to sound deep and inspirational on Twitter, she needs to call Chris’ father and see if he can finally teach his son how to be a man. Sh-t.

  9. She’s more delusional than Karrueche is. But this is the same woman who said Michael Jackson died so Chris could live. So yeah.

  10. Wow. As a woman, she shouldn’t be suggesting any woman stays with a man who consistently cheats. I see where Chris gets his issues from.

    1. Didn’t she react the same way with the whole Rihanna situation? She really thinks Chris can do no wrong. Even though he does something wrong daily. LOL.

  11. Karreuche ain’t going no where. Wouldn’t be surprised if his mom tweeted this cause she has already taken him back. Anyone who thinks ole girl is leaving him is delusional. He has pretty much did everything under the sun and she has taken him back, this won’t be any different.

  12. You would think she’d stop being silly on Twitter after the backlash she got for that MJ tweet. But nope, she’s still messy as hell.

  13. She won’t allow Chris to be a man and it shows. I wish she would just log off and stop enabling him.

  14. These two are just like my ex and his mother, smh. Chris’ mom bred and raised a sociopath because clearly he is one. Ain’t much of nothing that can be done at this point because she’s done the damage to him but if K had any sense, she would leave this situation behind because being with a n*gga like Chris only has trouble in it.

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