Watch: Ciara Drops Music Video for ‘I Bet’

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara is working on making a comeback since becoming a first time mother and ending her engagement to Future, and she promises fans her upcoming studio album will be very raw and personal.

“I Bet” is the first track she’s released since the breakup, and even Future feels the track is full of disses surrounding the demise of their relationship.

Ciara just dropped the video a little while ago, so check it out and let us know if you’re feeling it.


  1. Welp! I got disappointed just like I thought I would. I already don’t care for the song but add that to a video with no choreography and it’s just like…”damnit man!!!” I was hoping for more when I saw her in the ballet shoes. Oh well.

  2. Ciara needs to go back to the lane that she excels in. She needs to go back to making dance tracks and killing choreography in videos. That’s when she was in her prime. She’s not a strong singer so slow songs (except Promise) don’t work for her. I need her to stop trying to be something she’s not and go back to being a great entertainer and performer.

  3. If she doesn’t get this weak sh-t out of here. How are you trying to make a comeback with this boring a-s sh-t. We didn’t call you Janet Jr. for nothing dammit. Stop trying to be cute and DANCE.

  4. I like Ciara I really do but who is advising her this song is wack. No way this should be a lead single for an album. For the last couple of years she has released the same kind of songs and they all sound alike, Never Ever, Speechless,Body Party, I actually like those songs with the exception of Body Party those are not singles to release smh. She needs uptempo songs like songs she had on her first 2 albums I don’t know why she refuses to let these slow ballad songs.

  5. That wasn’t interesting. But on a positive her legs are lovely. She needs to capitalize on modeling

  6. I’m all for artists branching out and evolving but this just isn’t working for her. People love her for her performing abilities. So why isn’t she dancing anymore?

  7. I actually like the video. She looks so pretty. But I won’t lie. The song will have to grow on me. It’s not her best.

  8. The video was nice but this is not what is gonna keep her in the music industry.The song is boring as all hell. She should have been hoping across the floor dancing they way people want to see. smh oh well got to give it to her she keeps trying.

  9. I’m Team Ciara because I know, I just know she can bring it! I think she just wanted this song as a single because of Future of course. I believe her next singles will be club bangers…as long as she doesn’t start dating again. lol

  10. I actually like it. Not her very best but I like it. I think it is filled with what she has been through. I definitely look forward for more from her.

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