Watch: Tina Campbell Shoots up Her Husband’s Car

Photo Credit: WEtv
Photo Credit: WEtv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Mary Mary” star Tina Campbell decided to give her cheating husband Teddy another chance, but the second chance didn’t come with ease. Apparently she thought he was possibly cheating again recently, so she got upset and actually shot up his car.

Teddy says:

“So after I proposed to Tina, one would think that would fix everything. In reality, it doesn’t. We have some days that are really bad. And  the car is a very clear indication of a very bad day. It was my car and she thought that I could have been riding around town with another woman in the car, which wasn’t the case. But my wife, in her pain, she wanted to hurt me.”

Check out the clip below:


  1. If he made her that angry and she can’t trust him to be away from her, why did she take him back?

  2. I know she’s mad but shooting up his damn car? Ain’t she supposed to be a gospel singer? I hope the ratings make this worth it.

  3. I wish they never agreed to do this show. It has completely changed my opinions of them. Some people need to leave reality TV alone. Pastors and gospel singers especially.

  4. I’m not trying to judge here, I really am not. But there’s something so Unchristian-like about this show, it’s message, their behavior, them putting their lives out there for everyone to see… It just seems wrong! Maybe I’m naive or too judgmental, and just want to have my gospel singers to do that one thing…sing! Now that they’ve put all their dirty laundry out there, I can’t look at these folks the same! *shrugs*

  5. Well some people are saying Teddy has been creeping on her for a long time (years) and she knew it but she’s acting all dramatic now for a storyline. *sips tea*

    1. That tea is probably true. Plus I hear the gospel community is feeling some kind of way about them now because of how they have been acting on this show.

  6. Am I the only one that feels like Tina has went over board about the whole situation? I’m not down playing getting cheated on she has acted a damn fool, she was screaming acting like she was having a mental break down now she shooting up cars. Maybe I just ain’t never been in love like this but she seems so extra dramatic.

  7. So, I stopped watching the show a long time ago but still supported them as artists. But…they’ve just lost a fan. I highly doubt this is real and it annoys me to see her stoop so low for reality TV. If life EVER gets so bad to the point that you’re vulnerable and shooting up cars, that isht needs not be filmed; GOSPEL SINGER OR NOT.

  8. I feel so sad for her that should would stoop to the level she has for love or money.She has a gospel ministry,she should be better than that.I think she needs just a little Jesus!!! No pun intended.

  9. I don’t have any sympathy for her anymore. He made you so angry you shot up his car but you decided to stay with him. That’s a bad decision.

  10. U knw this is why Blk people don’t have no religion, the reason why a lot of us don’t attend church and/or tithe in church…’s too much phony stuff going on. Yes no1 is perfect like how Jesus Christ was we are all sinners inside and out but those that attend church faithfully know the bible inside and out, and they turn it into something else. Those of us who don’t attend church regularly hold these people that do in a higher regard we are conditioned to do that….so when you watch and see this Mary Mary chick acting like a regular ratchet crazy chick it just makes you question everything. I dont even think I’m crazy enough to shoot up my mans car AND STAY wit his trifling butt….what is next her shooting him up that’s what. She needs all that stuff her and her sis be singing about…speaking of her sis like w/e happened to talking some sense into her so she wouldn’t do this show smh

  11. I’ grew up in church all of my life and just because u r Christian doesn’t means u don’t face challenges some ppl can thru so much that they can b in a dark place in their lives but all in all im sure she had to ask God to forgive her I’m still a fan n will always b a fan because I totally understand n I empathize with her when u grow up in church n learn the bible u will c the ppl in the biblical days were no different from us… Ppl need to stop putting ppl with a higher status on a pedestal Cuz she is still human Idc how holy thou art ppl want to c her as…the story about her husband cheating was already out before the cameras started rolling I can’t agree it’s for ratings

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