Madonna Says She Dated Tupac

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Pop star Madonna is making her press rounds to promote her latest studio album and as always, she’s making headlines for some of her comments.

The singer told Howard Stern that used to date Tupac and hanging around him made her feel “gangsta.”

The revelation came after Stern asked her why she acting so extreme in her 1994 interview with David Letterman.

She says:

“I was in a weird mood that day. I was dating Tupac Shakur at the time and the thing is he got me all riled up on life in general. So when I went on the show I was feeling very gangsta.”


According to reports, Madonna briefly dated Tupac one year before his tragic death in 1996.


    1. Thank you. I think he smashed and kicked it with her, but I don’t think it was ever dating. Madonna will say anything for attention.

  1. She’s just trying to get people to buy her flop album. Her career is hanging on by a thread. She should have retired while she was still on top.

  2. I heard this years ago. She’s never said anything about it before but I guess she is talking now because she’s worried about her album sales. This doesn’t change how I feel about Tupac.

  3. Maybe they did date I mean Madonna has had plenty in her heyday, but I cringe at how she objectifies him. Tupac was a smart man and a deep human being, but all she took away from her time with him was how to curse and talk “gangsta.” Why not talk about how he bought a house for homeless kids to live in? What about all the great poetry he wrote before he passed? Or how he went to the prom with one of his biggest fans? Or how passionate he was about the black community? This just comes off so…shallow and meaningless. But maybe that is the kind of relationship they had. And that would explain why it was so brief. She was with him because he seemed like a fun bad boy to brag about being with at the time and he realized that early enough not to spend too much time with her.

  4. Madonna does this sh-t all the time. She waits to people pass away and then pretends she dated them or they were her bestie when that is clearly not the case. She did the same thing to Michael Jackson and he couldn’t stand her phoniness while he was alive.

  5. Umm well ok. Is this supposed to make us buy her new album or care about her? I think her time has passed but she’s too prideful to retire.

    1. LMAO now u sound like Charlotte….but yeah like did her clit leave her damn body being that she’s slept wit both men and women….she shouldn’t even have anymore sex organs they been used so much

  6. I doubt it. Real Tupac fans know where his heart was right before he was killed. And it wasn’t with no damn Madonna.

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