President Obama Shuts Down Kanye

Photo Credit: YouTube/ABC
Photo Credit: YouTube/ABC

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West has had a rather interesting “relationship” with President Obama, and the rapper originally made it clear he wasn’t a fan of the Commander-in-Chief because Obama called him a jacka*s for the Taylor Swift incident.

Kanye also had some words for Obama after the President said his wife wasn’t a good role model (Kim clapped back in an interview).

Weeks ago Kim posted a photo of her, Kanye and Obama at a fundraiser (the couple made a hefty donation and was rewarded with a signed photo), and it appeared that they dropped their feud with Obama.

But Kanye had folks scratching their heads a couple of weeks ago when he said he’s so cool with the President that Obama calls him on his house phone.

Kanye told Oxford University:

“I understand that I’m a servant. And with my voice, with my ability to build relationships with amazing people, speak to amazing people. Call Elon Musk out of the blue or call Obama out of the blue … he calls the home phone, by the way.”


Interestingly enough, Obama shut that down during his recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” When asked if he has Kanye’s home number, Obama says:

“I love his music but I don’t think I have his home number. I don’t.”


The President also says he only met Kanye twice. Once as a senator, and once as the President.


Check out the video below:


      1. But he’s not the same person. He’s changed and become everything he rapped against. That’s what really gets me. Fame can change people and turn them into unlikable human beings. It happens all the time.

    1. It’s so obvious this is what fuels Kanye to act the way he does. He is very jealous of Jay Z and Beyonce. He thought he could turn Kim into Beyonce, but he can’t. She will always be a trashy porn star to most of the world. No magazine shoot or wardrobe change can fix that.

  1. I told y’all Kanye is a compulsive liar. I know he lied about Bey having Kim on her wall in the recording studio too. He really wants to be a power couple but it’s never going to happen.

  2. Kim and Kanye are like the wannabe cool kids in high school. They lie and try so hard to look important, but all you can do is point and laugh at them for being so delusional.

  3. And this is why him and his bimbo wife always burn bridges. They use people and now everyone is getting tired of it. I’m glad Obama set the record straight because it had me looking at him crazy.

  4. If somebody would have told me 10 years ago Kanye would turn into the mess he is now I would laugh in they face. But the joke is on me because he is truly a mess.

  5. Kanye lies because he really needs to look important. All you can do is either pray for him or laugh. Now I’ve been laughing. I find it all hilarious because him and his wife keep getting busted for their lies lately. I think people are really sick of both of them now.

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