The Single Life: Amber Rose Parties It up with Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose had a budding romance with Houston Rockets player James Harden, but between Tahiry Jose and Lil Wayne’s baby mama allegedly spending time with him too, the soon to be divorcee may be moving on to another athlete…or at least that’s what TMZ suspects.

According to the site, Amber partied it up with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte recently.

The site reports:

Amber and the Team USA Olympic swimmer were spending some time together last night at the Atlantis in the Bahamas … where Lochte has been kickin’ it for Spring Break.

Lochte has been training during his vacation … but you know what they say — work hard, play hard.

As for Amber, she’s workin’ too — hosting a big Spring Break party tonight with DJs and tons of booze.

No word if the two hooked up — but they definitely seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.

amber and ryan
Photo Credit: TMZ
amber and ryan 2
Photo Credit: TMZ


While we’re not sure there’s anything going on with these two as of yet, K Michelle did confirm she dated the swimmer before her LHHATL fame.


    1. Agreed. He was cute until I watched one episode of his reality show. I had no idea he was such an airhead.

  1. So I guess I’m going to have to go against the grain here.
    I can understand the sympathy because of the way she’s being unfairly bashed and shamed for doing exactly what her A-hole ex husband is doing, but seriously people. If this was yet another bottle girl/ party host NONE would care about her, y’all would probably say she needs to get a real job. Like really. You have a child to support, do you really want to be just known as the party host girl that married/dated the rapper, the actor, the athlete? I’m such an advocate for women but c’mon. I’m so tired of seeing us as just add ons…attachments to the achievements of whom we married and dated. This is an example right here. She’s in blogs so much for what? Because she may or may not be dating someone that’s already accomplished in his career. Amber, get out the party scene soon you cannot do this forever. FOCUS on your entrepeneurship and make your kid proud.
    Sorry for rant. Just wanting more for us women. *kanye shrug*

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