Chris Brown Tells Karrueche to Stop Acting Like a THOT

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

With a 9 month old daughter to now include in his life, Chris Brown ended up losing his on and off again girlfriend Karrueche Tran, and she’s made it clear on social media that she’s fed up with her former R&B boo.

While many suspect it’s only a matter of time before the on and off again couple reconcile, Karrueche for now is sticking to her guns, and she’s been acting very single these days with lots of club hopping.

Now she’s adding flirty Instagram pictures to the mix, and Chris isn’t too happy about it:

karrueche instagram
karrueche instagram 2

chris brown response to karrueche


  1. I know Man Slut of the Year ain’t trying to lecture anybody else on keeping it classy! He’s such a damn disappointment!

  2. Guys like Chris annoy me. They are such hypocrites. Now he sees nothing wrong with him giving his peen away to any and everybody, but she’s the one acting like a thot for one picture? Ugh. Whatever.

  3. Wasn’t he just bragging about sleeping with Rih and Kae at the same time rubber free? No, he’s the thot.

  4. But she wasn’t a THOT when she was agreeing to do all those threesomes with him though right? N-gga shut yo hoe a-s up. He knows damn well he wrote the booking on being a hoe. He’ll f-ck anybody.

  5. This is classic abuser behavior. He still wants control of her and her body even when they aren’t together anymore. Any smart woman would run from this guy.

  6. She needs to keep paying him dust. But knowing her, she was probably moved by him saying she’s perfect. But she wasn’t perfect enough for him to be faithful to.

  7. This probably turned her on. I mean she thought it was cute when he had a bodyguard watching her hotel door to keep the athletes away.

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