Watch: J Cole Clowns Iggy Azalea’s Grammy Losses

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea caught lots of criticism from Hip Hop lovers when her rap career began to take off because many felt the artist was appropriating culture with the fake accent she uses in her music.

Iggy didn’t help matters any when she stated in interviews that she feels she only gets the backlash because she’s a white woman, and in her opinion, Eminem never got the same amount of backlash in his career.

Now that she walked away with zero Grammys and her tour has fallen apart before it even started, J Cole decided to poke fun at her Grammys disappointment.

That Grape Juice writes:

During a performance of his number ‘Fire Squad‘, Cole changed the lyrics from “Watch Iggy win a Grammy while I try to crack a smile’ to “Watch Iggy lose a Grammy as a ****** cracks a smile.”


  1. I’m still surprised they didn’t give her at least one Grammy. I mean they hyped her up so much like it was going to happen.

    1. The Grammys was never going to give her anything. They threw her name into the hat to get buzz and piss people off.

  2. I see Iggy’s little winning streak has ended. I guess now that the world and media can’t deny her entitled and white privileged attitude, they are done with her now.

  3. I think we all smiled each and every time she lost. But the Grammys and all these other white media entities are the reason her ego got so big. That idiot actually believed she had enough fans to headline a tour. Never mind that she only had one hit song and her album flopped. She really started to believe her own hype.

  4. #DEAD But he doesn’t need to give her any reason to start tweeting again. She’s been quietly lately. Let’s keep it that way. :-/

      1. Yup. But people have already forgotten what Kendrick said about Iggy and Mike Brown because his album came out yesterday. We don’t stay angry long, do we? smh

          1. Excellent? I disagree. I think he’s trying too hard to be pro black now that he’s been called out and his music reflects that. His last album was a classic, no doubt. And it was authentic. But this new one isn’t very good, and he can do much better.

  5. LMAO. This was petty and I loved it. But watch her turn around and complain that she’s being bullied. Watch.

  6. I think so many people sighed for relief when she didn’t get anything. I know that’s mean but it is what it is.

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