Karrueche Tran Clashes with Iyanla Vanzant

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown have been on and off for years, but she claims it’s really over this time now that Chris is the father to a 9 month old baby girl in Texas.

With Chris now getting serious about his fatherly duties, Karrueche is getting serious about her career and getting more exposure so she booked a sit down interview with Iyanla Vanzant.

Karrueche stressed to her followers on Twitter that this isn’t another episode of “Fix My Life,” and it was just an interview for her to tell her side of her Chris Brown saga:

According to TMZ, filming didn’t go down without a hitch and Karrueche ended up clashing with Iyanla. The site reports:

Things went south when Tran was asked about her relationship with Brown. Vanzant asked if she slept with Chris from the get-go because he was a superstar. When she explained they didn’t sleep together until months after they met, she claims the interviewer didn’t believe her and kept pressing.

Vanzant also grilled Karrueche about her decision to date Chris in the wake of beating Rihanna. She responded that everyone deserved a second chance. The interviewer then challenged Karrueche, saying Chris had cheated on her but she still took him back.

At that point … Karrueche’s manager kicked Vanzant and the OWN crew out of her house.

A couple of hours passed, everyone calmed down and the OWN people were invited back in to complete the chitchat.


The exclusive interview is set to air on OWN later this month. Will you be watching?


  1. If it’s not clear to everyone now that this little girl is nothing but an attention whoring opportunist, I’m just going to lose all hope for mankind.

    1. It should be clear as day now but some people still keep falling for her little innocent act. She was always looking for a comeup. That’s why she was down for the threesomes in the beginning.

    2. But can you blame her though? Chris ain’t sh-t. So why not get out here and get this money on his dime?

  2. No, I won’t be watching. An entire hour of a grown woman making excuses for continuously taking back a man who has no respect for her isn’t entertaining to me. I’ll pass.

  3. When I first read about this yesterday I said this was a bad idea. I don’t know if it’s Karrueche or her manager but this is going to backfire on her fast when it airs.

  4. And this is why she thinks she’s a celebrity. Now why the f-ck does she need to sit down and talk to Iyanla? It won’t change anything. Everyone will still think she’s stupid because she is.

  5. How long does Karrueche think this whole Chris Brown thing will keep her relevant? The shock factor is running out and people aren’t caring as much anymore. I’d rather watch Chris do an interview about his baby. No one cares about their flop of a relationship anymore. So I won’t be surprised if she runs back to him when they opportunities start drying up. She can’t give up the lifestyle and it’s not possible for her to sustain it on her own.

  6. I mean I’ll watch because I enjoy laughing at her delusion but I mean has Oprah gotten this desperate though? You went from your station having sit downs with Rihanna and Beyonce, to letting Karrueche dish out Chris’ dirty d-ck antics? Chile I guess.

    1. Oprah isn’t interviewing her though. She actually was the one who interviewed Rih and Bey. Karrueche isn’t important enough to get Oprah herself. Iynala will talk to anybody (remember DMX). Oprah is more selective with her time. LOL.

  7. Stunts and f-cking shows. And what has it done for either of them? Chris is still a flop and she’s still a talentless opportunist with no real career of her own. I’m sure they planned all of this last month. Tell the world about the baby when the tour starts, Kae agrees to pretend she knew nothing about said baby, then she gets to do the whole Chris did me wrong tour again. Meanwhile his album sales are still terrible and Kae is still a joke.

  8. Really? Why? She’s not going to say anything different from what her camp has been feeding the blogs anyway. She will stick to the same script.

  9. It’s always woe is me with this broad. She wants us to think she’s the victim when she kept taking Chris back every time he made a fool out of her. I thought at one point it was out of love but now that I see her acting like a Kardashian and calling paparazzi and doing interviews, I can see what she’s about now.

  10. Y’all are nothing but a bunch of bitter Rihanna stans. Why are y’all hating on Kae. Y’all know y’all be watching like everyone else. Haters.

    1. What is there to hate on? Is Karrueche the one who just signed a deal with Dior, becoming the first black woman to get an endorsement with them? Does Karrueche have a new movie coming out in theaters on March 27th? Is Karrueche the one with 13 number one singles and an highly anticipated 8th album the whole world is waiting on? Is Karrueche worth 120 million? I mean and that’s just a FEW of her wins she got on her own. Y’all need to stop embarrassing yourselves. We have nothing to be bitter about when our fave is Rihanna.

      1. Y’all know damn well Rihanna loved her some damn Chris. But at the end of the day he chose Karrueche and y’all can’t stand it. I see right through y’all.

        1. I’m not a stan but I think it’s pretty obvious that if Rihanna still wanted Chris (which she’s smart enough not to), she could have him. Either way, Chris is no prize.

    2. Umm no I’m not even a Rihanna stan. I actually use to like Karrueche and use to feel sorry for her but my sympathy has run out that doesn’t mean I’m automatically team Rihanna because I’m not. I’m team self respect and she has no self respect it’s actually sad she is a beautiful girl and probably could have accomplished a lot without being made a fool of by Chris.

      1. Don’t waste your time. They’re all delusional. Truth is Karrueche doesn’t have real stans. They’re all just Rihanna haters.

        1. I don’t deny I’m a Rihanna hater. I don’t care for her and I think Karrueche is a better woman. So now what?

          1. Eh, you not liking Rihanna and stanning for that basic doesn’t hurt Rihanna at all. Carry on.

    3. Not all the way true. I’ve been coming here for years, and I can tell you that most of us were actually on Karrueche’s side when this all started. Man it used to be a war zone between the Hive and the Navy on here, but the truce happened (shout out to Veronica) and Karrueche’s true colors started showing. We just can’t ignore or deny what she’s really about anymore. And I say that as Bey stan. I love my UB Navy, but this isn’t about Rihanna. Karrueche isn’t some victim. She’s an opportunist and needs to be called out.

      1. I don’t like Rihanna or Beyonce or any of you stans. Karrueche is a real woman who I can relate to.

        1. LOL. Losers admire other losers. I’m cracking up at you calling someone as embarrassing and weak as Karrueche a real woman. No, she’s a real joke. If you can relate, that says a lot about you. I rather admire great people though. Not basics. Goodbye.

        2. Bless your heart child because you clearly don’t have a clue. I hope your eyes open up one day. Peace and Blessings I wish you well because you need it with this thinking.

    4. Haters? That’s laughable. No one wants to be in Karrueche’s shoes. She’ll be playing mom to Chris’ side baby in no time. Thank goodness Rih moved on.

  11. Now when I think about it, I think she knew about that baby a good minute ago. I know Chris is trash, but I don’t believe he didn’t tell her as soon as he found out. I mean why would he be scared to tell her that when he has never gave a damn about her feelings before? He’s the same one who got on IG and told everyone about the threesomes.

  12. If she’s not going to spill all the tea (which she never does), I’m not watching. She keeps protecting Chris when she could make more money throwing him under a bus. She doesn’t know how to play the game.

  13. I will be tuning in even though I dislike Iyanla style of interviewing. I always said that Karruchee is young she’s entitled to mistakes even if they are repetitive and foolish.

    You only have one life to live and you have to live for your self

    Rih all day ya heard…

    1. She really did. Karrueche ain’t smart enough to gold dig the proper way. If she was, she would have left Chris alone a long time ago. She had a NBA player interested in her, right? She had a way out and didn’t even take it. She’s a fool.

  14. How is she sitting down with Iyanla but saying it’s not Fix My Life? Umm that’s all Iyanla does on OWN. LOL.

  15. This is either damage control on Chris’ behalf or attention whoring on her end. Heck, it could even be both. I’m learning that neither her or Chris are honest people. They have agendas and play with the public often.

  16. No one can convince me that this wasn’t in the works for a minute. How do you turn around production so quickly to have all these logistics in place in less than two weeks? That means the minute this whole thing jumped off, her manager was on the phone setting up interviews. And you know they called Ilyana first, cuz there’s no way Oprah reached out to this chick. Next up, Wendell, The Real, and any other talk show that’ll fall for her “poor me” bs!

    1. Her manager Jacob York tweeted they filmed last Sunday. I wish I could embed tweets on here.

      RT @ha2real14: @JACOBYORK Have you & Kae seen the final cut of the interview and approved of it?< not yet, it was filmed Sunday

  17. Another tweet:

    RT @ha2real14: @JACOBYORK Will you see it before it airs? What if this all back fires on her?< how can the truth backfire.

    1. But she ain’t telling no truths though! Otherwise she would’ve answered when Ilyana asked her the hard questions. This is “The Karrueche Sympathy Tour”…plain and simple.

      1. Girl I forgot to post this tweet:

        Karrueche TranVerified account
        @BeautyKissed_ its not fix my life. There’s no bashing.. All positive.

        1. So why go on Ilyana if it ain’t to fix her damn life, which we all know she so desperately needs. Ugh! She gets on my damn nerves.

  18. I’ma need for the crackhead saying Kae is a better woman than Beyonce and Rihanna to step away from the keyboard now.

  19. I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed. She’s not going to say anything explosive. She never does. She doesn’t want to completely ruin her chances of him taking her back later.

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