Pharrell Williams Explains Why He Feels ‘Blurred Lines’ Lawsuit is Problematic

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Marvin Gaye Estate was awarded $7.4 million after a jury decided “Blurred Lines” is just a copy of Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up,” but Pharrell Williams feels it’s about more than him and Robin Thicke having to cough up millions. Pharrell seems to think the ruling sets a dangerous precedent for the music industry.

Pharrell tells the Financial Times:

“The verdict handicaps any creator out there who is making something that might be inspired by something else. This applies to fashion, music, design … anything. If we lose our freedom to be inspired we’re going to look up one day and the entertainment industry as we know it will be frozen in litigation. This is about protecting the intellectual rights of people who have ideas.

“There was no infringement. You can’t own feelings and you can’t own emotions … (in music) there are only the notations and the progression. Those were different.

“Everything that’s around you in a room was inspired by something or someone. If you kill that, there’s no creativity.”


In related news, Pharrell was just slapped with yet another lawsuit. Apparently the producer has been accused of stealing the concept to his hit song with Gwen Stefani, “Hollaback Girl.”

The Jasmine Brand writes:

Holla’back Records explains that since 1998 they had been producing quality independent rap and R&B music and trademarked their company name.

However, they say they recently became aware of the 2005 song, “Hollaback Girl” produced and recorded by Gwen and Pharrell. The company claims they only found out about the song due to promotions for The Voice featuring the song.

They explained once they discovered the song they did some research to find out that another producer on the hit song was someone they had issue with in the past stealing their music.

The music company says Pharrell has a history of stealing other artists music, pointing out the Marvin Gaye legal battle and several other artists who have accused the singer of stealing their work.

Holla’back Records filed suit against Pharrell and Stefani for $25 million dollars and an injunction against them from continuing to release their hit song. See the exclusive court docs.


  1. I’m so tired of these lazy producers pretending innovation means copying from someone else. Marvin Gaye was original. He made timeless music and he didn’t need to copy off of anyone to do it. Pharrell needs to learn how to do the same thing. He ought to be ashamed of himself.

  2. Lose the freedom to be inspired? No, more like lose the freedom to be a thief. Blurred Lines sounds just like Got to Give It Up. It’s the first song I thought about when I heard it on the radio. And to be 100, Pharrell has been called out for years for stealing a lot of things. His partner (Chad Hugo) was always the innovative one TBH.

  3. The law suite open a hole can of worms. With this ruling parliament could suit Mark Ronson and Bruno for uptown funk. Kool and the Gang could suit Brono Mars for Treasure. Teddy Riley could suit anyone who do anything similar to the new jack swing beat. They’re going to be a whole lot of lawsuit of this kind filling up the courts with people looking for
    quick. Pay day

  4. Even though I think he still should pay because he obviously used Marvin Gaye’s song he has a point in what he is saying everybody going to start suing just to see if they can get money. But producers are going to have to start giving credit where credit is due and start clearing samples or come up with original material.

  5. Innovation is not sitting on YouTube all day listening to old songs you can recreate and changing enough of the notes around so it’s not a complete ripoff. Pharrell needs to grow up and admit what he did was unethical. These producers are getting out of hand.

  6. Honestly I think this may not be such a bad thing. Think about it…now everyone has to go back to trying to make something different and fresh. The industry needs that right now.

  7. Well he’s right, this will open up the door for more lawsuits, but it will also force people to go back to being innovative. I’m thankful for that.

  8. Since approx. 95% of the so-called music coming out today is effecting a NEGATIVE impact on our children and ourselves with its CONNECTION to and GLORIFICATION of CRIME,DRUGS, SEX, PROFANITY, GREED, MURDER, etc., it would be BENEFICIAL to ourselves and our children to go back to the past and listen to the beautiful music in its earlier incarnations before it was STOLEN from the Original musicians that had soul-nourishing messages. After all, the ONLY ones benefiting are the Producers and musicians as their RICHES are mounting in the MILLIONS easily for one RIPPED-OFF song

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