Is Bravo Looking for New Housewives?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Season seven of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” has slumped in ratings, and some seem to suspect viewers just aren’t taking well to a divided cast, and newbies Claudia Jordan and Demetria McKinney.

Interestingly enough, sources claim producers have been sending out emails in an attempt to scout for new faces.

Talking With Tami writes:

Do you think you have enough sass, fashion sense, boldness, and skills to read someone there rights for a reality show? Well, you may just be what Bravo is looking for, with their new season! That’s right, they have started their casting process for season 8! I just got word that a secret email has been circulating around town, where a casting director is looking for new characters to be on The Real Housewives of Atlanta! I don’t know if it’s for a permanent position where you are actually holding a peach, or a background character but they are looking for prospects. My really good girlfriend received the email a few days ago and she owns several “legitimate” and “lucrative” businesses here in the city. She is very well known and liked in the community and might I add, really wealthy and will put some of the current cast members to shame!


Now Andy Cohen said in the past that Bravo doesn’t make any decisions regarding casting until after the reunion airs, so it’s possible this could just be a rumor or just maybe the lackluster season is causing the network to start early on making some decisions.


  1. Carlos King has set up permanent residence in Kenya’s butt, so she ain’t going nowhere. Clawfoot and Dementia might just be sacrifice lambs though, and I for one would not be upset. In fact, they can dragged Cynthia’s dumb a-s and Peachtree Peter out the door with them.

  2. They need to get rid of Demetria, Nene, Phaedra, Porsha, Claudia and Cynthia. They can keep Kandi and Kenya.

    1. No, they need to keep Nene. That heifer annoys me but even I can admit she’s great for TV. If her and Kenya ever click up and take down some people, it will be the highest rated season in history. Kandi can stay. Her real life is intriguing. Phony Phae and Idiot Porsha can go though. And I’m indifferent to Claudia’s future. Cynthia is just there. I don’t care what she does either.

  3. Kenya and Claudia are the problem. They bring a level of toxicity to the show that makes it less fun to watch. But I’m sure Kenya is safe yet again. Even when things went bad when she signed on. She’ll blame Nene though as always.

    1. Kenya is the reason the ratings ever went up in the first place. Now if I can be honest and admit Nene is great TV, y’all can do the same. *giggles*

  4. Not surprised because this present cast just doesn’t work more specifically Claudia, Kenya and Cynthia even bringing in Demetria after the Roger Bob situation she is just looking like a lost puppy in scenes she serves no purpose. Starting from last season reunion until now I’ve never seen more people complain about RHOA. This serves they a-s right tried to make Kenya the new it girl on the show Claudia like she was so sassy and witty and Cynthia like she all of sudden has a backbone and it has all came crashing down now their panicking.

  5. Meh, seems like they are about to make the same mistake twice. New girls are pointless if they are just going to be more Kenyas – single and messy. They need to go back to having married or engaged women on the show who actually know each other and were cool beforehand. The chemistry is missing.

  6. Here is my 2 cents: They need to reevaluate the way they cast people. It’s called The Real HouseWIVES of ATL. They keep adding people that are not from the ATL and/or not married which is why you have people like Kenya, Claudia and Cynthia who are fighting to keep their position even though they do not fit in within the mold. If someone gets a divorce later, fine but they can’t just start out single, never married, without ties to ATL. Kenya doesn’t even really live in Atlanta and has never been married. Claudia just moved to Atlanta for the show and her marriage was a sham, look it up. Demetria has never been married and I’m not sure if she is from ATL really. Honestly, Cynthia isn’t from the ATL either but I’m giving her a pass since she is married and has a business there. They need to give Porsha her peach back and talk to Kandi, Phadrea, and Nene and see if they have some potential people because we need more honest friends with good relationships, not all of this hate and division that is on this season.

  7. Claudia, Demitra (didn’t know she was a housewife) and Cynthia can go. Cynthia becomes more and more fake with ever episode

  8. I hope they let Nene GO, she think she can’t be touched. This is what made her ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES (had to put in caps) because she seems to forget. How you going to send those ladies a cease and desist letter. You signed up for a REALITY show. She said she always wanted to be on TV. God granted you your wish now she acting like Satan. Move over somebody else need that money. Let’s see where and how she make her money. Because Broadway isn’t for her. Hope she been saving. Because she a very rich B****

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