Ludacris’ Baby Mama Moves Forward

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks ago Ludacris defeated his baby mama Tamika Fuller in court and the rapper was awarded full custody of their daughter. With a baby on the way with his new wife Eudoxie, Ludacris will now have to prepare to head back to court yet again because Tamika’s attorney has filed the motion for a new trial.

Sandra Rose writes:

The lawyer for rap mogul Ludacris’s baby mama just filed a motion for a new trial, according to my courthouse source.

Attorney Lisa West, right, who represented Fuller (pictured below), filed the motion for a new trial at the Fulton County Courthouse Thursday evening.


    1. This. Especially in Fulton County and Lisa West is pretty much blackballed in Fulton for calling out Usher & Tameka’s judge. Luda’s judge a’int about to give them a new trial. She was better off appealing.

  1. I hope that they can work out co-parenting. As time heal itself maybe things will be different. I think she should concentrate on co-parenting and focusing on her time well spent with her baby because the irony of it all, Judges hate to overturn another judges decision and a new trial is highly unlikely. Setting herself up for disappointment.

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