Karrueche Tran Reveals if Tell-All Book About Chris Brown is in the Future

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran is currently done with Chris Brown after receiving news that the R&B singer is the father to a 9 month old baby girl in Texas named Royalty, and her manager booked her a sit down interview with OWN’s Iynala Vanzant to dish on the breakup.

Interestingly enough, many suspect a tell-all could be in her future but Karrueche claims she’d never go down that road.

When asked if she would ever write a tell-all, she tells TMZ:

“F*ck no! I know too many juicy things.

“Can’t reveal it. It goes to the grave. “

Check out the video below:


  1. That’s what they all say until they can’t get another sponsor to keep up the lifestyle they got accustomed to. I see reality TV in her future.

  2. I hate when people do this. Don’t tell us you got all the tea but you don’t spill. That’s so cruel.

  3. Bull. It’s hard to take it to the grave when you’re telling all your business to your shady circle. She doesn’t have to tell all Chris’ business, her friends will do it for her like they have been doing.

  4. You Rihanna stans are so pressed. Don’t y’all have a new ratchet single to talk about? I thought she dropped some more tragic music today. Leave Kae alone. She loves Chris. She will never betray him.

    1. Not us Rihanna stans being pressed but you keeping tabs on Rihanna and can tell us when her single drops. I didn’t even know she dropped it until you said so. And I’m Navy. Ironic, huh?

      1. For Karrueche to be so basic, Rihanna sure did pay her a lot of attention when they were sharing Chris. How soon we forget.

    2. Why do you always have to start with attacking rihanna stans if you like Kae that’s fine but why do you always have to start this. I can understand if someone said something bad about Kae and praised Rihanna in the same sentence then you reply because that’s your fave that’s understandable but before your comment nobody said anything bad about Kae or even mentioned Rihanna you just go on the attack. Sounds like you might be the one that is pressed.

      1. Right and I don’t even understand what Rihanna has to do with this. She’s been done with Chris and has moved on with her life.

        1. Oh I see. You’re mad we out number you and all the other bitter, fake Kae stans on here. Well get used to it sis. We out number y’all everywhere because anyone with a brain realizes you can’t stan for a talentless, doormat. Poor girl had to deal with Chris and his STD catching ways just to get some LIGHT modeling work.

    3. Sis you wrote the book on being pressed. You actually became a Kae stan because Rih has you so bothered. FYI though, stanning for Kae doesn’t hurt Rihanna in any form. Trust.

        1. Oh we’re not bothered. We’re too busy buying this new single and buying tickets for Home this weekend. You see when your fave has a real career and real accomplishments, you can do ish like that.

  5. The question they should have asked is CAN SHE? Chris probably made her sign some confidentiality agreements.

  6. I think this is just strategic. If she writes a tell all about Chris, she can kiss the possibilities of getting another baller goodbye. Discretion is everything when you want to date up. No one wants to date a snitch.

  7. Yeah f-cking right. I don’t believe sh-t she says when she has that blood thirsty pimp “managing” her.

    1. PREACH!!!!This is some sh-t that slimy manager of hers put out there to get the talk shows interested, and to keep her in the press. Watch how many shows pick this story up, and invite her on.

  8. I don’t care for either one of these fools. But if she writes a tell all & I see it in the library I’ll come everyday to read it.

  9. I don’t wish ill on this girl but it’s just something about her that seems shady to me. I can see her doing a tell all when the money dries up.

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