Christina Milian Talks Lil Wayne & Jokes About Eating Disorders

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Christina Milian is rumored to be dating Lil Wayne and she’s not against gushing about him in her interviews. In a recent interview with Latina Magazine, she says:

“The deal is he’s my man…crush. I think he’s awesome. He and I have a very special relationship and I think I’ve always been very careful with it publicly.

“When you have something special, it’s like everybody picks apart words. They’ll pick apart a moment in a picture and take something that’s special and trash it.”

While she still won’t confirm there’s a romance between them, she was spotted the other day holding his hand in public.

Christina also had some rather interesting things to say about eating disorders:

“No [eating] disorders…although I considered it [Laughs]. I was like maybe if I chew and spit this could work.”


  1. Well you have to be an idiot to willingly join Lil Wayne’s harem so her eating disorder joke seems fitting.

  2. You can’t have something special with a man if you’re not the only one. This woman is very foolish. But so is her bestie Karrueche so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  3. actually only eating disorder she need to be worried about is stuffing her goddamn mouf in a food on fleek manner.

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